As Long as I Play and Sing I Live

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The film tells about the peculiarities of the way of life of people in one of the Romanian villages who cannot imagine life without playing and making folk instruments. In the material: A man uses a sickle to make a whistle from a tree branch. A group of women, playing the whistles, passes along the slope near the grazing herd. The woman reaps rye with a sickle. A horse-drawn carriage passes along the road, women walk along the road and play the whistles. View of a hillside with growing shrubs (a song is played behind the scenes). A woman is preparing food at the stake. Sheep in the corral. A man rings the bells, another makes a whistle and plays on it. A woman walks down the steps of the porch and enters the barn, a rooster sings. The man climbs to the roof of the barn. A flock of sheep in the pasture. The man on the roof of the barn plays the pipe. A woman rides on horseback. A woman passes by with a bundle of jugs on her shoulder. House, men make shepherd's pipes. A man plays the shepherd's trumpet at sunset. Hands paint a shepherd's trumpet. A man makes whistles from clay (c / c) - a cuckoo. An elderly woman is looking out of the window of the house. Woman spinning on a spindle. A woman winds yarn, weaves on a wooden loom. A man is playing a pipe at the house. Another man is playing bagpipes with a dancing doll. The villagers dance in a round dance to the accompaniment of folk instruments during weddings. A man makes an instrument. The girl plays the instrument. A group of young people is playing a folk instrument. A man is playing on a pipe, cars are passing by.
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