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Turkmenistan. View of Ashgabat after the earthquake. Destroyed buildings of residential buildings and a theater. Local residents are clearing the rubble. Explosions of destroyed buildings. Excavators are working. Soldiers who arrived to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake, get out of the train cars. Column of trucks with soldiers on the city street. Arrival of a team of doctors by plane. Unloading the plane with medicines. View of the tent hospital. Doctors provide medical assistance to victims on the street and in hospital wards. General of the Army, Commander of the Turkmen Armed District Petrov and Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of the Turkmen SSR Batyev at a meeting devoted to the development of measures to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake. Unloading a train with construction materials. Arrival of a freight train with cars. Destroyed school building. Pupils in a lesson in a tent. Construction of new residential buildings. New settlers unload their belongings from a car near a new house. Family drinking tea in a new apartment. Distribution of bread from the car to local residents. Tents, which housed the Executive Committee of the Ashgabat City Executive Committee and the editorial office of the newspaper "Turkmenskaya Pravda". Electricians are rebuilding the power line. The meeting participants are discussing the city development plan. Spinners at work in the shop. The composer plays the piano. The artist works in the workshop. Meeting of writers. Summer cinema renovation. The building of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Turkmen branch); researchers in the laboratory. May Day demonstration in the presence of leaders of the party and government of the Turkmen SSR. Blooming orchard. Sports holiday.
Kopysov, Saburov
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local government agencies
, architecture
, literature
, general issues
, educational activities
, light industry
, painting
, music
, medical services for the population
, energy
, sports
, natural disasters
, periodic printing
, state holidays
, school education
, everyday life
, armed forces
, improvement of settlements
, printing
, cities
, railway transport
, air transport
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