Asian Gate of Russia

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The film tells about the coldest place in Siberia - Kosh-Agach, about the nature of this land, about its culture, in which the customs of the Altaians, Kzakhs, and Mongols have successfully intertwined. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. The movement of vehicles along one of the Siberian highways. Checking the documents of drivers by customs officers at the border with Mongolia. Horses and sheep graze in the Chuy valley. The bus passes along the Chuisky tract. Children at the yurt in the steppe. A woman in national dress sings (sync. In Kazakh. Language). Landscapes of Kosh-Agach: valley, mountain lake, mountain river, yurts in the steppe. General view of the village of New Beltir. View of an Orthodox church, mosque, market square in the village. View of houses destroyed by the earthquake in the village of Stary Beltir. Life of residents of the village of New Beltir. Construction of houses in the village. 2 part. Construction of a hydroelectric power station on a mountain river. Horses graze in the steppe. Kumis farm. The woman is milking the mare. Children with foals. Camels and sarliks in the pasture. Local residents haymaking and hay harvesting in the steppe. Women drink tea near a yurt in the steppe. A holiday in honor of the mothers-heroines of the Kosh-Agach district in the village of Novy-Beltir. Landscapes of Kosh-Agach: snowy peaks of the Altai mountains, mountain river, valley.
V. Serov, B. Travkin
Film ID
animal husbandry
, customs
, energy
, road transport
, holidays
, situation of women
, christianity
, settlements
, population
, islam
, landscapes
, honorary titles
, features of nationality
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B. Travkin
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