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Kinoalmanakh consists of four plots. First part. Newsreels: Secretary General of the World Peace Council R. Chandra speaks at the podium of the Congress of Peace Defenders (sync., B / w). R. Chadra in the studio answers the questions of the leading newsreels (synchronously). In particular, he says that the World Peace Council receives many letters from children with drawings. R. Chadra shows children's drawings. 1st plot. "SOLIDARITY". Crimea. Children of different nationalities sunbathe on the beach of the Artek pioneer camp. A group of children applauding at one of the camp events. American boy Michael gives an interview in which he thanks him for a good rest in “Artek” (synchronously). Children on the beach are writing a letter to Vietnamese children. Children, vacationing in "Artek", sail on a boat, throw corked bottles with anti-war messages in neutral waters. Waves roll ashore. Schoolchildren with waste paper on a city street. Pioneers pick cotton, peaches. Newsreel footage (1930-1940s): pioneers marching; a column of pioneers in a village street; a detachment of pioneers in the field; drummers on the territory of the Mosselprom pioneer camp; meeting of Austrian anti-fascist children in Moscow; a boy speaks on the podium; Spanish children get off the ship; carry wounded children; bombs fall from the plane. The second part of. Crimea. Children's drawings. A pioneer leader on the beach towels an African boy. Games and contests for children on the beach. Children resting in “Artek” hug, cry, and shake hands through the bus window before leaving. 2nd plot. "EIGHT-HANDED EIGHT EYES". Game plot. A boy studying spiders meets a girl Oksana in a forest glade, shows her his laboratory, in which he breeds spiders. Spiders and cobwebs in the forest. The third part is missing, it has not been received for storage in the archive. Fourth part. 3rd plot. "UNUSUAL FIGURISTS". Children with skates go to the rink, put on their boots in the foyer of the training rink, skate on the rink. A she-bear named Vera on her hind legs with skates on her back approaches the building of the training rink. The trainer puts on skates for the bear. The she-bear is skating. Soloist of the ice ballet, trainer E. Rybakov with a bear in the workshop where they make shoes for her skates. The master measures the paw of the bear. E. Rybakov feeds a bear cub with milk from a bottle. The bear walks on its hind legs. The trainer is engaged with the bear at the skating rink. The inscription on the poster: “State Ensemble“ Ballet on Ice ”. Fragment of E. Rybakov's performance with trained bears on ice. 4th plot. "WHERE ARE THE ZHIGULI BORN?" Zhiguli cars rush along the highway. New Zhiguli cars are moving on a railway platform. Zhiguli cars take part in auto races. A group of schoolchildren on excursions in the production workshops of the Volzhsky Automobile Plant, accompanied by a puppet truck-guide, which tells about each workshop in a song form (lyrics by Y. Entin, music by A. Rybnikov). Manufacturing processes in the forging shop. Fifth and sixth parts. The guys visit the foundry. Shop type. Boiling metal is pouring. The manipulators of the automated line are working. Stamping of car body parts. Welding and painting of car bodies. View of the assembly line of cars. Installation of headlights, bumpers, car control devices. The worker installs the steering wheel in the car. Car assembly conveyor. Car engine installation. The sign of an automobile filling station - "Gas station" is on. The guys are in the shop. The guys are sitting in a car that is moving on a conveyor belt. The guys in the car drive through the shop. Cars roll off the assembly line. The crane carries the vehicle. New cars on the deck of a cargo ship, on a railway platform. Testing cars at the proving ground. Children in a car drive by near St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square.
A. Mironov, L. Popov, V. Popova
Film ID
the second world war
, out-of-school education
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, international connections
, railway transport
, sea transport
, india
, childrens organizations
, villages
, music
, animal world
, cities
, automotive industry
, borbazamir
, zoology
Number of Parts
A. Klimentyev, P. Filipov, S. Artseulova
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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