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Kinoalmanakh consists of 4 plots. First part. Schoolchildren pass through the school grounds with scrap metal. The guys are loading scrap metal onto a car. 1st plot. STORY ABOUT IRON. Kursk region Opencast iron ore mining. The igniter sets fire to the cord. Explosion in the quarry. Loading of iron ore with an excavator on a trolley. Cars loaded with ore move along the narrow-gauge railway in the quarry. View of the processing plant workshop. Lumps of ore move on a conveyor belt. The drums rotate, in which the ore is crushed into powder. Iron grains are collected on large magnets. View of buildings and blast furnaces of a metallurgical plant. Loading ovens. An electric drill punches a hole in the furnace, pouring boiling metal. View of the steelmaking shop. Steelworkers at work. Molten cast iron is pouring. Automatic pouring of molten iron into the converter. A working model, which demonstrates the loading of scrap metal into the converter. The converter tilts automatically. The steelmaker takes a sample of the metal. The second part of. Shop of a metallurgical plant. The red-hot ingots move on conveyor rollers. The ingots pass through rolls that compress and stretch the ingots. The finished car rolls off the assembly line. The boy hangs up a poster with the inscription: "Collect scrap metal!". 2nd plot. SMART COW. Circus performance with a trained cow in the circus arena. Spectators on the podium. The cow is spinning, playing with the ball, hammering the ball into the goal, making a bow, taking out a handkerchief from the box, first opening the bolt of the box. A herd of cows in the meadow. 3rd plot. FOREST FANTASY. River in the forest. Schoolchildren collect bouquets of dandelions in a clearing in the forest. Guys for a lesson in a circle. The boy is grinding a branch of a tree. Handicrafts made by children from twigs and tree roots: "Dancer", "Wise Owl", "Crocodile Gena with Chickens", "Crocodile Who Swallowed the Sun" and others. Children make appliqués from dry leaves and flowers. The third part. The guys make appliqués from dry leaves and flowers. Pictures of children made from dry leaves and flowers. The boy makes a picture from straw. Church and bell tower in a painting made of straw. Guys in the woods. 4th plot. LITTLE ANIMALS ANTONY VAN LEVENGUK. Staging. The Dutch naturalist of the 18th century, the founder of scientific microscopy, Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (actor A.A. Kalyagin) makes a lens in a workshop. It is visited by an English scientist, a member of the Royal Society of London (actor I.A. Vasiliev). Fourth part. Continuation of staging. Leeuwenhoek shows the scientist his "microscope". The scientist examines fleas, mold on bread and other objects through a "microscope". He encourages Levenguk to write about his invention to the Royal Society of London. Leeuwenhoek refuses. The scientist writes the letter himself. Leeuwenhoek examines various objects through a "microscope". He is visited by a friend of Google, with whom he shares his observations. Fifth part. Continuation of staging. Levenguk and Google talk about the origin of "animals" in water. Leeuwenhoek takes samples of rainwater and water from the pond. The simplest microorganisms, taken through a microscope. Leeuwenhoek writes a letter in which he sets out the results of his research. The sixth part is missing, it has not been received for storage in the archive.
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out-of-school education
, visual agitation
, metallurgy
, microbiology
, livestock
, the circus
, landscapes
, automotive industry
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