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Film plots included in the film almanacs are presented by the artist I.K. Kashintsev (sinhr.). The film almanacs included the following plots: 1 part. 1 plot. The banners of the revolution speak. View of the city of Moscow, decorated with red flags for the holiday. Drawings on the theme of the Paris Commune. Fragments of the feature film: "January 9", feature films dedicated to the events of the first Russian revolution in 1905, the February bourgeois revolution of 1917. The plot includes newsreels: demonstrations in the streets and squares of Petrograd with the slogans: "We demand the protection of child labor", "Armored cars on the side of freedom", "Long live socialism", "Down with the capitalist ministers" and others. Part 2. Continuation of the 1st plot. Fragments of the film "October": a salvo of "Aurora", the storming of the Winter Palace. Newsreel footage: V.I.Lenin's speech at the funeral of Ya.M. Sverdlov on March 18, 1919, V. I. Lenin's speech before the Vsevobuch troops on May 25, 1919, M. I. Kalinin's speech before the cavalrymen of the 1st Cavalry Army during presentation of the Red Banner of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of 1919-1921. Newsreel footage of the 20s-30s. general view of the meeting on the occasion of the meeting of the Red Banner of the Paris Commune, delivered to Moscow by members of the delegation of the French communists (1924), construction of industrial facilities during the first five-year plans, view of the Dnieper hydroelectric power station, dispatch of the first Turksib train, production processes at one of the metallurgical enterprises, Soviet polar explorers raise the red flag at the North Pole, the first Soviet tractors go out into the field. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War: explosions, German planes in the sky, bombs are flying to the ground, Soviet soldiers go on the attack, taking out the banner of the 24th Guards Rifle Division in front of the formation of troops, soldiers and officers pronounce the oath, Soviet troops leave Kiev; a film story dedicated to the pioneer K. Kravchuk, who saved Soviet regimental banners during the occupation in Kiev: a view of the house where Kolya lived, German soldiers on the streets of Kiev, a view of trains with Soviet citizens hijacked to work in Germany, the crossing of the Dnieper by Soviet troops, civilians meet their liberators, the regiment commander, whose banner was saved by pioneer Kolya Kravchuk, reads a decree in front of the soldiers' formation on awarding Kolya with the Order of the Red Banner, Kolya's speech after the awarding (all without sync.); Soviet troops in one of the liberated cities, a meeting of Soviet troops in one of the liberated cities of Europe, a tank with Soviet soldiers passing along the city street, the storming of the Reichstag, the installation of the Red Banner over the Reichstag. Part 3. Continuation of the 1st plot. Admission to the pioneers in the Hall of Fame in the Museum of the Armed Forces of the USSR at the banner of Victory. General view of Red Square. A festive demonstration of workers on Red Square in honor of the next anniversary of the Great October Revolution. 2 plot. Our Atommash. Construction of Atommash: trucks are driving along the road, a bulldozer is raking gravel, general view of the installation of metal structures, welding. A man and a boy are sitting on the banks of the river by the fire. General view of one of the thermal power plants. Freight train moving along the tracks. Airplane in the sky. The movement of cars on the street. General view of one of the hydroelectric power plants. View of the house in Obninsk, where in 1953-1954. Academician IV Kurchatov lived and worked. Interior view of the rooms in the house. The building of the nuclear power plant in Obninsk. View of the main control panel at the NPP. General view of the reactor hall. Operating model of a nuclear reactor. General view of the administrative building of Atommash and the monument to I.V. Kurchatov in front of the building. The workers are on the move. Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise. General view of Volgodonsk (shot from above). Power transmission line masts. View of one of the railway junctions. Part 4. 3 plot. Thorn. General view of a forest clearing. The hedgehog gets out of the leaves, runs in the grass. Hedgehog with hedgehogs at the burrow. The wolf runs out of the forest, sniffs the hedgehog. The fox sneaks up on the hedgehog, sniffs at it. The hedgehog swims in the river, gets out of the water onto the shore. View of a long-eared hedgehog in the desert sands. Spider. Turtle. The hedgehog sniffs the turtle. Lizard. The hedgehog attacks the lizard. General view of sand dunes. Bald hedgehog (another type of hedgehog). Hedgehogs curl up into balls. The caterpillar is crawling on the ground. Autumn forest. 4 plot. What can you do? A group of men in one of the laboratories are assembling a model of a radio-controlled car. An RC model of an all-terrain vehicle moves on the road. The excavator works in a quarry. Part 5. Continuation of the 4th plot. Hay piles in the field. The harvester is harvesting grain. Grain is poured into the back of the truck. Harvester harvesting cucumbers. Cucumbers are moving along a conveyor belt. Harvesting corn, potatoes using a combine. Harvesting plums in the garden using a special unit. Cleaning oats in the field. General view of the water crane "Chernomorets" in the sea. Lifting by crane from the bottom of the sea the remains of a sunken ship. Felling wood in the forest using special equipment.
V. Antipova, Y. Danilov, E. Taravkova
Film ID
, the second world war
, building
, international connections
, timber industry
, mechanical engineering
, february revolution of 1917
, expeditions
, international communist movement
, plant growing
, the great patriotic war
, energy
, metallurgy
, pioneer organization
, museums
, state holidays
, animal world
, landscapes
, economic policy
, germany
, zoology
, civil war
, everyday life
, invention
, october revolution of 1917
, social and political movement
, cinematography
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
G. Chumakov, N. Zotov, N. Yurushkina
Other Creators
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Release Date
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