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Artist Y. Nikolaev presents (sinhr.) Film plots included in the almanac "Zvezdochka". The children present in the studio, together with Yu. Nikolaev, guess the puzzles in which the names of the film plots are hidden (all sync.). 1 part. 1st plot. Who built this house. Children are walking in the woods. Anthill in the forest. Beavers in the backwaters of the river. Chicks in the nest. Swallow under the roof of the house. Children draw at home on a piece of Whatman paper. General view of a construction site in one of the new districts of Moscow. A bulldozer clears a place for building a house, talks (sync.) About his work. The excavator digs a pit for the foundation of the house. Building the foundation of the house. Production processes at one of the house-building factories in the capital. The truck transports the finished building panels of the houses. Lifting panels to the upper floors of a building under construction. Installation of panels. Welding works. Part 2. Continuation of the 1st plot. Finishing work in the new house: the work of painters, parquet flooring and other finishers. General view of a new residential building. 2nd plot. About a splinter and a wick. A woman is sitting in a room at a spinning wheel with a torch. View of old lights with burning torches in the interior of an old house. Kind of clay bowls with oil and burning wicks. Candlesticks with burning candles. Candelabrum with candles. Kerosene lamp. Staged filming: A man in a 19th-century room is reading a book by candlelight at a table. Family members in the interior of a room from the late 19th and early 20th centuries sit at a table in a room lit by a kerosene lamp. Part 3. 3rd plot. Ant Red dot. General view of the forest near Moscow. Anthill in the forest. Panorama across the lawn in the forest. Carpenter ants on an old tree stump. Observation of the carpenter ant, marked with a red dot: an ant is crawling along a birch, meets aphids on a tree branch. Panorama along the river. Thunderstorm in the forest: lightning flashes, thunder rumbles, it is raining. Close-ups of strawberries, bumblebee on a flower, barbel beetle, dragonfly. Part 4. 4th plot. Hot air ballooning in the 20th century. Types of Moscow: city streets, traffic. Balloon in the sky, is landing. Artists Y. Nikolaev as a policeman and artist L. Kanevsky as one of the heroes of science fiction writer H. Wells act out a scene of meeting and acquaintance (sinhr.). The hero of L. Kanevsky gets acquainted with the exposition of the Space pavilion. Part 5. Continuation of the 4th plot. The hero of L. Kanevsky examines televisions in one of the pavilions of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, talks about how people had an idea of the future in the 18th-19th centuries (sinhr.). General view of the operating model of a nuclear reactor in the Nuclear Power Pavilion at the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements. View of the model of the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Arctic". The hero of L. Kanevsky talks with children who are assembling a model of the rover.
V. Antipova, V. Popova, E. Taravkova, K. Rovnin
Film ID
situation of children
, exhibitions
, building
, construction industry
, landscapes
, cities
, zoology
Number of Parts
V. Lunin, G. Boyarsky, N. Yurushkina, P. Tartakov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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