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The magazine includes the following plots: 1 part. 1st plot. Our robot. View of different models of robots. The toy robots sing a song. (sync.). View of one of the districts of Moscow. Children with their parents at the building of the Central Puppet Theater. The clock on the facade of the puppet theater. General view of clocks of different types and eras. The scientist-inventor, one of the leaders of the Central Station of Young Technicians V.V. Matskevich enters the station building, into the room where young technicians are engaged. General view of robots assembled by the hands of young technicians. Children build a robot model. One of the boys disassembles an elementary electrical circuit, the other boy assembles a model of an electrical circuit from cubes. General view of the Soyuzpechat kiosk. Passers-by buy gosets from newspaper vending machines. Type of vending machines with sparkling water. View of change machines at one of the Moscow metro stations. Passengers pass through the turnstiles to the station. Part 2. Continuation of the 1st plot. View of different models of toy robots. A group of children run out of a multi-storey building into the courtyard, play with a robot on the playground. View of automatic lines at one of the Moscow enterprises, production processes in the shops. 2nd plot. A person has a faithful friend. Children on horseback by the river. A blacksmith works in a smithy, forges a horseshoe, shoeing a horse. Riders gallop on horseback across the steppe. Horses graze on the river bank in the meadow. General view of one of the stud farms where Orlov trotters are raised. Horses in the paddock, in the meadow. Foals among adult horses, in stalls. Veterinarians and livestock specialists examine foals: weigh them, measure them. The grown-up foals are distilled into separate stalls. The groom drives the foals out of the stable into the street. Part 3. A herd of horses gallops across the field. Children on the territory of the stud farm watch the training of a young horse, which he learned to walk in a harness. The grooms are circling the young horse. A boy on horseback rides through the meadow. View of horses in the paddock. A stud worker takes the horse out of the stable, puts on the horse's harness, cleans the horse. Riders with horses in the arena during training. Training of young equestrians: learning to sit in the saddle, stay in the saddle, ride horses. Type of competition in equestrian sports: riders on horseback overcome obstacles. General view of one of the circus performances with the participation of horsemen: riders in the circus arena demonstrate horse riding. Horses graze in the meadow. Children on horseback by the river. Part 4. 3rd plot. Wings. The plane is flying in the sky. Seagulls, a flock of geese above the water. Hang gliding flights. Gliders on the airfield. The glider flies in the sky. The tug plane accelerates the glider. The plane is accelerating on the airfield, taking off. Birds take off from the water. The plane TU-134 takes off. Aircraft IL-18, TU-104 A at the airport. View of a new model of a military jet aircraft. Supersonic jet aircraft in the sky. Part 5. Continuation of the 3rd plot. The plane is landing, landing. General view of the airfield. Airplanes in the sky perform aerobatics. Swans are flying over the water. The inventors assemble a model of an aircraft. Hang glider in the sky.
Y. Danilov, T. Gutman, O. Babashkin
Film ID
urban transport
, out-of-school education
, industry
, situation of children
, distribution of printed publications
, livestock
, the circus
, public utilities and services
, horseback riding
, theatre
, invention
, animal world
, landscapes
, cities
, air transport
, air sport
Number of Parts
V. Ivanov, P. Filimonov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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