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Kinoalmanakh consists of 3 plots; presenter - actor A. Lenkov. Part 1 Plot 1 "SONG ABOUT YOUNG DRUMMER". The plot tells about the pioneer heroes of the Great Patriotic War and is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the victory. A young drummer wearing a budenovka on his head stands near the banner on the field. View of the Kremlin wall and the Kremlin towers in Novgorod at sunset. Fragment of the monument “Millennium of Russia”. Boy on the raft. River rafting. Boat accompanying timber rafting. A photograph of a young partisan intelligence officer, Hero of the Soviet Union Leonid Golikov. A memorial plaque with the inscription: "In the village of Lukino, Manuylovsky village council, Hero of the Soviet Union, partisans Lenya Golikov, was born." A boy runs down the mountainside with a model airplane in his hands. The boy is swimming in the river. Photo of the pioneer partisan Volodya Dubinin. Waves roll onto the shore. Museum-memorial "Adzhimushkay quarries": a torch is burning in the underground, drops of water fall into the helmet, the doll lies on the bed. The boy rides a horse. A herd of horses at a watering hole. Stork in the nest. Herd of cows. Photo of a pioneer partisan, Hero of the Soviet Union, a resident of the village of Stankovo, Minsk region. Marat Kazeya. Monument to Marat Kazei. Leningrad. View of the channel flowing into the river. Neva. Exchange building, rostral columns on the Spit of Vasilievsky Island. Photo-portrait of Lida Ivanova. Blooming dandelions on the field. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1943: Wehrmacht soldiers pass by the burning huts of a Russian village; women in the ashes; sailors on the shore; partisans descend into the dungeon. Part 2 Plot 1 (continued). The girl is swinging on a swing. Flowers in the meadow. A dog in a booth in the courtyard of a peasant house. Photo of Lida Ivanova. Dead trees. A flock of crows circling over the tree. The boy releases pigeons. Dove in flight. The boy at the dovecote. A photograph of a resident of Rostov, Viti Cherevichkin. Bas-relief image of doves. A sign with the inscription: “Park named after Viti Cherevichkin”. Photo of the murdered V. Cherevichkin with a dove in his hands. Monuments to the pioneers L. Matveeva, V. Dubinin, M. Kazei, L. Golikov. Monument to Malchish-Kibalchish in Moscow. Drummers are near the monument. Passenger ship on the way. Airplane in the air. High-speed passenger train on the way. Plot 2 "THE ABC OF EARTH" The plot tells about the soil, its composition and properties. The reader in the library takes an old book from the shelf, looks through it in the reading room. Sunrise over the river. Newsreels: volcanic eruption, falling hot stones. Minerals of different types. Imprints of ancient plants in stones. Dinosaur skeleton in the museum. Fossils at the museum stand. Imprint of the skeleton of a fish, the remains of a marine life on the rocks. Soil samples on the stand in the museum. Beetles in the soil. Horse in the meadow. Germination of a plant from a seed (time-lapse photography). Part 3 Plot 2 (continued). Dew drops on the grass. A peasant plows the land on horseback. Forest. Trees, shrubs. Oak near a wooden house with carved platbands. Wooden toys on the shelf. Mill. Embroidery on a towel. Loaf of bread and a salt shaker on a towel. Agricultural implements on the stand in the hut. Plow in the entryway. Antique sickle (800 years old). Blacksmith at work. Meadow flowers. Desert soil. Germination of a plant from a seed (time-lapse c / s). Soil microorganisms. Bee on Ivan-tea. Insects, earthworm in the soil. Wheat field. Ripe ears of wheat. Tractors with a plow and a harrow are working in the field. Machine yard. Seeder repair. Tractor with seeder in the field. Irrigation installations in the field. The harvester is driving across the field. 4 part Plot 3 "IN THE HOUSE AND NEAR HIM" About animals at the dacha of the writer NS Tikhonov. A sparrow in the room, on the bookshelf, on the balcony. Country house of N.S. Tikhonov in Peredelkino. Staircase in the house. Books by the writer N.S. Tikhonov. Woodpecker on a tree near the birdhouse. A woodpecker goes down a branch to a piece of cheese. The squirrel eats cheese. A woodpecker stands on a bowl of dog food. A dog sniffs a woodpecker. A crow jumps up the steps on the porch of the house. The dog drives the crow away from the bowl. Three crows take turns eating from the same bowl. The first self-made book by NS Tikhonov “In the Wilds of the Dean”; author's illustrations. The manuscript of the book. 5 part Plot 3 (continued) A ginger cat climbs a tree. Kitten and two cats on the tree. A crow and a cat on the porch of the house, on the path of the garden. The wasp eater breaks the ground with its claws, takes out combs with wasps and eats them. Magpie on a branch. The furnishings of the room in the country house of NS Tikhonov. Hedgehog in clover. A family of hedgehogs near a bowl of porridge. Kittens on the veranda. A cat named Lamura in the garden. Kittens are climbing a tree. Sleeping kitten on a branch. Cat with kittens near the house.
K. Rovnin, Y. Danilov, O. Nifontova, G. Elnitskaya
Film ID
rural settlements
, livestock
, railway transport
, timber industry
, everyday life
, museums
, villages
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, specialized machine stations
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, libraries
, cities
, reclamation
, air transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Demin, G. Dubrovin, R. Voronov
Other Creators
scriptwriters N. Barkova, M. Kholor, G. Elnitskaya, composer L. Sivova, directors V. Kolodkina, V. Ballos, L. Fedorenko, sound engineer L. Shutova, almanac editor N. Kaspe
Release Date
Has Sound

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