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The film tells about the preparation of the USSR pilot-cosmonauts L.I. Popov, V.V. Lebedev, V.V. Ryumin for a flight on a transport spacecraft. The first part. Russia. A hydrofoil boat sails along the river. Passers-by on a city street. The movement of cars on the highway. Airplane in the air. Rocket take off, Moscow region, Zvezdny. Pilot-cosmonauts of the USSR L.I. Popov and V.V. Lebedev at the Cosmonaut Training Center in spacesuits pass along the corridor. Medical examination of the astronauts. Astronauts practice their skills in first aid, firefighting, transport spacecraft control and onboard systems operation. Astronauts in spacesuits in zero gravity. Cosmonaut training on a trampoline, in a gym, in a centrifuge, in a pool. The astronauts play table tennis and tennis. The faces of the astronauts on the monitor screens during training on a centrifuge at a time of heavy load. Astronauts study astronomy. An astronaut on a winter run. The second part of. Pilot-cosmonauts of the USSR L.I. Popov, V.V. Lebedev are looking through the notes, drawings, talking with the designer and engineers. The cosmonauts in the aircraft cabin are looking at photographs, filming with a movie camera. Astronauts in a training rocket are conducting an experiment to melt metal. The astronauts are weighed. Members of the commission for a comprehensive check of the readiness of cosmonauts take an exam from L.I. Popov and V.V. Lebedev. Astronauts in spacesuits in the laboratory. Members of the commission ask questions about the intercom. The chairman of the commission says that the exam was passed with excellent marks (synchronously). V.V. Lebedev jumping on a trampoline (freeze-frame). Astronaut-backup V.V. Ryumin in training. LI Popov and VV Ryumin in space suits descend the stairs. VV Lebedev trains on crutches. The building of the Cosmonaut Training Center.
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river transport
, automobile transport
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, air transport
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A. Ivanchenko, V. Lebedev, V. Popov, I. Rovnyagin, A. Shuriy
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