At Construction Sites of the XI-Th Five-Year Plan

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Karelia. Construction of the second stage of the Kostomuksha mining and processing plant. Work on the construction site, in the workshops of the Finnish workers' plant. The city of Kostomuksha. Sports in the gym of the Soviet and Finnish workers. Youth disco in the Palace of Culture of the plant. Start-up of the 3rd reactor at the Kursk nuclear power plant. The director of the Kursk NPP V. Gorevykhin is speaking. G. Kurchatov. Children of Kursk NPP workers in kindergarten. Oryol Region. Territory, buildings, shops of the Naryeshkinskaya poultry farm. Chickens, chickens. Handing over keys to apartments in a new residential building for poultry workers. Azerbaijan. The farm of the Oktyabr state farm in the Lenkoransky region. Collecting tea leaves, harvesting cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes. The new livestock complex of the state farm. State farm director Z. Mamedova is holding a meeting. Fields of the experimental department of the All-Union Institute of Breeding and Seed Production of Vegetable Crops on the territory of the state farm. The head of the department S. Aliev is the husband of Z. Mamedova. Moscow city. Buildings, laboratories, chambers, equipment of the All-Union Cardiological Scientific Center. E. Chazov in a group of employees of the center. Examination of patients. Physiotherapy exercises for patients who have suffered a heart attack.
L. Ramazina
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extractive industry
, economic communications
, leisure
, energy
, plant growing
, relaxation
, sports
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, preschool education
, finland
, medicine
, utilities
, poultry
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D. Parfenov, V. Zababurin
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