At the Grave of T Shevchenko

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Scene 1 Ukrainian SSR, Cherkasy region, Kanevsky district, February 24, 1944 Village huts along the edges of the road. A sleigh is driving along the road, carrying coffins with the bodies of family members of the partisan detachment named after Chapaev, who were shot by the Germans. People are walking next to the sleigh to see their loved ones on their last journey. A resident of the village of Khmilna, a partisan Semyon Matveyevich Rudyak and his son Kolya are walking around a sleigh carrying coffins with the bodies of their relatives: a wife (mother) and two children (sisters). Among the partisans who lost loved ones: Artyom and Pyotr Zinchenko, Stepan Katsukha, Lavrin Babich. Scene 2 Ukrainian SSR, Cherkasy region, the city of Kanev, February 26, 1944 Sunrise over the Dnieper. House-hut of the Ukrainian poet Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko. Shells lying in the snow. Mountain slope over the Dnieper. Granite sculpture by T.G. Shevchenko on a high pedestal. Worker Ivan Yakovlevich Tserekh clears snow near the monument. Tombstone on the grave of Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko. The building of the poet's museum, surrounded by a low barbed wire. Interior view of the museum premises: rooms where the German invaders kept prisoners, destroyed and broken sculptures, damaged paintings and books. Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of the Ukrainian SSR, journalist Andrei Terentyevich Chekanyuk examines the exhibits of the museum, makes notes. Bullet hole in the window pane.
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the great patriotic war
, participants in the war
, guerrilla movement
, destruction
, peacefulpopulation
, actions of the nazi invaders
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I. Semenenko
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