At the Mayakovsky Exhibition

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The film tells about the preparation and implementation by the Union of Writers of the USSR in cooperation with the Literary Museum, the Central State Archive of Literature and Art and the Central Educational Experimental Studio of the Union of Artists of the restored exhibition of Vladimir Mayakovsky for the 80th anniversary of the poet on July 20, 1973 in the House of the Union of Writers. Part 1 Photos of participants and visitors of the exhibition "20 years of work", organized by Vladimir Mayakovsky in February 1930. in the current building of the Union Writer-memoirist, concert administrator Pavel Ilchi Lavut at the State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky talks about how Mayakovsky on September 29, 1929 offered him a job to organize the exhibition. Posters from an exhibition in the State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky. The staff of the Lenin State Library of the USSR are engaged in the reconstruction of the Mayakovsky 1930 exhibition. The interiors of the exhibition, repeating the exhibition of 1930. - exhibits. Visitors in the halls of the exhibition, among them - the Soviet writer, poet Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov. S.V. Mikhalkov signs autographs. Poet Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov, secretary of the Union of Writers of the USSR, opens an exhibition at the Union of Writers. "Muse of the Russian avant-garde" Lilya Yuryevna Brik walks through the hall, examines the exhibits. Poet Robert Rozhdestvensky, Pavel Lavut, Serafima Bromberg (widow of Vladimir Mayakovsky's colleague AG Bromberg), actress Rina Zelenaya at the exhibition. Part 2 The poet Alexei Alexandrovich Surkov speaks in front of the microphone in the hall at the opening of the 1973 exhibition, recalls the 1930 exhibition, talks about Vladimir Mayakovsky. A. Surkov talks with P. Lavut. The chairman of the jubilee commission, poet Nikolai Semenovich Tikhonov, among the visitors of the exhibition. Soviet songwriter Lev Ivanovich Oshanin, poet Robert Rozhdestvensky visiting the exhibits. Cr. pl. - SV Mikhalkov, writer, literary critic Irakli Luarsabovich Andronikov Soviet literary critic and literary critic Viktor Osipovich Pertsov among the visitors. Poet Andrei Voznesensky speaks in front of a microphone, reads his poem "Mayakovsky in Paris". Part 3 Soviet writer, literary critic Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky stands in the exhibition hall, talks about the work of Vladimir Mayakovsky about his meetings with the "rappovtsy", Vladimir Mayakovsky, in the background - an exhibition with posters of theatrical performances "Bedbug", "Bath". A stand with theatrical posters of plays by Vl. Mayakovsky. Exhibition interiors. Soviet poet and journalist, secretary of the Board of the USSR Writers' Union Mikhail Kuzmich Lukonin closes the exhibition, L. Brik is standing nearby. Newsreel footage of 1929-1930, Vladimir Mayakovsky smokes a cigarette, talks with composer Sergei Prokofiev; Vladimir Mayakovsky speaks to the audience at the theater.
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K. Simonov, A. Efimova, N. Polonskaya, V. Altshuler, V. Russo, M. Hofshten, M. Grigorieva
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