At the Oil Industry Workers of Tatarstan

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The first well in Tataria, drilled in 1943. Oil rigs, reservoirs. The cities of Almetyevsk, Leninogorsk (taken from the air). Hero of Socialist Labor, drilling foreman MP Grin in Moscow at a meeting for the exchange of experience. Green's team at work. Well drilling. Schedule of social competition between the teams of Grin and Gimazov. Well cementation at the Gimazova drilling rig. Laying pipes to the oil rig. New watch. Transportation of the tower. Technical innovations on the drilling rig in Tatarstan: an automatic key, a pump for supplying a solution, a small-sized drilling rig, a reduced-diameter bit. Tower Bu-75. Oil tanks. Hero of Socialist Labor KA Valiev at the wheel, at the site of the well, with his family. Gubkin Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry. Students in the classroom. Night watch. Operator bypass of wells. A group of engineers and petroleum workers developing an automatic oil flow regulator. Installation of the device in the well. Operator and inventor of the device R. Galyshev at work. Engineers and oilmen at a meeting to discuss the project of the country's first fully automated Zaykarataysky field. V.D.Shamin is speaking. Checking the oil pipeline route from the air by a repairman. Pipe laying. Geologists for the exploration of oil fields. The message in the newspaper about new oil fields.
V. Kagarlitsky
Film ID
fuel industry
, higher education
, socialist competition
, geology
Number of Parts
L. Baryshev
Other Creators
Script V. Kagarlitsky, I. Osipov, sound technicians I. Karabanova, H. Sabitov, announcer B. Ginzburg
Release Date
Has Sound

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