Atlantis Above the Clouds

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The film tells about Poznanskaya Natalia Evgenievna, who lives in one of the villages of North Ossetia, is engaged in beekeeping, collecting herbs. Natalya Evgenievna lives in friendship with the inhabitants of the village, helps them, reflects on life. 1 part. Mountain landscape of North Ossetia. General view of the ancient battle towers. Eagle in the sky. View in the mountains of the village of Harisdzhin, Alagir region. House in the village. There is a samovar on the table in the courtyard, herbs collected from the mountains are dried on a rope in the shed. The interior of the room in the house of Poznanskaya Natalya Evgenievna: the jug is on the table, in the jug is a dry plant. The apples are on a tray. Shelf with books, among them incl. beekeeping books. Icons on the shelf. Natalya Evgenievna's husband throws firewood into the stove. The kettle is on the stove. Panorama from the stove to the woman with the book. General view of the letters on the table addressed to Natalya Evgenievna. In one of the letters, please send mountain honey and gratitude for the parcel with propolis. View of a frame with honeycombs. Honey flows down the frame. Natalya Evgenievna cuts off the honeycomb from the frame. Natalya Evgenievna says (off-screen) that honey is used as a medicine. Honeycombs with honey in a plate for us. Haystacks in the courtyard of Poznanskaya. Natalya Evgenievna dresses in special clothes before going to the apiary. Panorama of one of the hives. Natalya Evgenievna lifts the lid of the hive, takes out a frame with honeycombs in which bees are teeming, puts the frame in place. Natalya Evgenievna's husband walks with a bucket along the road, meets with a resident of the village. A tractor with a trailer is driving on the road. Men unload corn from the back of a truck, stack it in a container. The pig eats corn in the pen. A panorama from the old tower to the laid table with a samovar in the courtyard of Natalya Evgenievna's house. Natalya Evgenievna and her husband are sitting at the table, drinking tea. Natalya Evgenievna does not allow her husband to smoke at the table (sinhr.). Natalya Evgenievna's husband talks about her (sinhr. And off-screen), thanks God for helping to meet her. Natalya Evgenievna rakes leaves in the yard, prepares dough in the kitchen, talks about herself (sync. And per shot), about how she was brought to North Ossetia from the town of Elektrostal near Moscow and how difficult it is for her to live in the mountains of North Ossetia. Natalya Evgenievna's husband is sitting at the TV, inviting his wife to listen to the TV and watch a news program in which they report another explosion in Vladikavkaz. Photo of Natalia Evgenievna with her granddaughter. Natalya Evgenievna and the girl are leaving the house in Vladikavkaz, walking down the street, going to the tray with books, looking at books. Part 2. Poznanskaya Natalya Evgenievna and the girl walk along Vladikavkaz street, sit on a bench. Natalya Evgenievna tells (sync. And per frame.) About how she survived the explosion in the market, where her relatives could be at that time, how these terrorist attacks do not allow people to live in peace. General view of the mountain landscape of North Ossetia. Natalya Evgenievna and a group of men are standing at the wall of the house. Natalya Evgenievna looks at the mountains. In the courtyard of the house there are geese and a cow. General view of the ruins of a stone wall in the village. Natalya Evgenievna walks past the old tower, stands on a high place near the old battle towers, discusses (per frame) about the beauty of the world, which should not be destroyed. Natalya Evgenievna's husband and another man are sitting against a stone wall, talking. A young woman carries a child in her arms, goes to the house of Natalya Evgenievna. Natalya Evgenievna invites guests into the house, treats the woman with apples, gives pills for a sick girl, treats the girl with tangerine (all sync.). The women leave the house, Natalya Evgenievna says goodbye to her. The woman tells (per frame) what a kind, good neighbor Natalya Evgenievna is. Natalya Evgenievna in an apiary, opens one of the hives, takes bees with tweezers, puts them in a box, then puts these bees on a man's sore lower back (heals sciatica). Natalya Evgenievna talks with one of the women, tells (per frame) about her difficult life in the mountains. Natalya Evgenievna's husband is carrying a ladder, pumping up the wheel of a Zaporozhets car. A cow in the yard by the hayloft. "Zaporozhets" is driving along the road. View of a seething mountain river. Natalya Evgenievna and her husband are in the mountains, breaking sea-buckthorn branches, walking through the sea-buckthorn thickets. Natalya Evgenievna's husband talks (off-screen) about life. View of Natalya Evgenievna's house and the old battle tower. The fire burns in the stove. Natalya Evgenievna is sitting in a room, reading the book "Agni Yoga". A view of a house with lights on in the windows (evening shooting). Natalya Evgenievna walks across a bridge over a mountain river, walks along the outskirts of the village, discusses (per frame) about life. View of a house in a village with a cross on the roof. Natalya Evgenievna approaches the house, gets baptized and enters it (reads a prayer behind the scenes). View of a tree with rags hanging on its branches.
M. Dzhusoev
Film ID
rural settlements
, livestock
, beekeeping
, everyday life
, christianity
, landscapes
, unconventional treatment
, cities
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
G. Гаврилов
Other Creators
V. Guluev, E. Panteleev, N. Tebieva, S. Budtuev, A. Sokolkov, F. Besaeva, G. Amelyugina, V. Karev, V. Akopov
Release Date
Has Sound

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