Attic Moscow Povarskaya

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A film about the life and work of a group of artists, united by house No. 20 on Povarskaya Street in Moscow, where their workshops, built in the late 1960s, are located in the attic. Part 1. Entrance to the house on Povarskaya. Workshops of B. Messerer, I. Abrosov, Y. Krasny, N. Popov. The artists are working, giving interviews (synchronously). Interiors of workshops, works of artists. Artists are preparing an exhibition in one of the exhibition halls. B. Akhmadulina is present. B. Akhmadulina gives interviews (synchronously). Chronicle footage. 1960s. Moscow. An elephant is walking down the street. The elephant approaches the soda drinker; she treats the elephant with sparkling water. Tent on the banks of the Moskva River, \ on the Lenin Hills \. A man gets out of the tent, examines the surroundings of the city. Passers-by. A girl in her mother's arms, eating ice cream. Part 2. Feast in the \ studio B. Messerer \, the artists share their memories (synchronously). Group photo of past years, among those present: V. Aksenov, B. Akhmadulina, V. Vysotsky, B. Messerer. A. Galich and others. D.S.Bisti speaks on TV. Illustrations by D. Bisti for the novel "Don Quixote" by Cervantes. Yuri Krasny and B. Messerer are going in a car. B. Akhmadulina reads poetry (synchronously), watching the video of the opening of the exhibition. Works of artists in the exposition of the exhibition. A. Bitov is speaking (synchronously). A. Kozlov plays the saxophone (synchronously). Building of house number 20 on Povarskaya street. Chronicle footage. 1960s. Moscow. The audience on a park bench. A Suvorovite passes by with a girl. Manezhnaya Square. Transport movement. TranspaOrlova LP (sinhr.): Welt on the Manege building "All-Union Exhibition of Works by Amateur Artists". Opening of the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition.
A. Marutyan
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, relaxation
, everyday life
, cities
, painting
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S. Rakhomyati
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