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1 hour - Liberated by the Soviet troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front, prisoners of the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps in the city of Auschwitz leave the camp. Prisoners in the women's barracks: Julia Masyans, Francesca Muravskaya, Rosalia Krasnovskaya, Stanislava Kshechkovskaya, Bronislava Ravva, Elena Yablunskaya, Sofia Weiss, Olympia Prusinovskaya. On the street stands a worker from Warsaw, Komerovsky, brought to the last degree of exhaustion. The corpses of tortured prisoners in the camp and beyond. Boyana Taus from Yugoslavia and Katerina Berk from Czechoslovakia leave the barracks. The family of a member of the Yugoslav government, Ante Mandic, talks with Soviet fighters, leaves the death camp, in which she was for eight months. The body of Katerina Unger, who was killed by the Germans during the retreat, is being carried out on a stretcher from the barracks. Children, little prisoners of Auschwitz who survived, are taken out of the camp. Among them is Zina Pasenkova, a girl wrapped in a blanket in the arms of a woman (neg. 255.6 m). 2 hours - Prisoners leave the camp in a continuous stream. A view of charred human remains at the stake, a crematorium for incineration of corpses and a gas chamber. Cans with the "Cyclone" poisonous substance and poisons for killing people. Representatives of technical expertise in the analysis and determination of the crematorium capacity: professors from Krakow Roman Andreevich Davidovsky and Yaroslav Ivanovich Dolinsky, engineer-major Vladimir Fedorovich Lavrushin, engineer-captain Abram Moiseevich Shuer at the table in his study. Former prisoners participate in the work of the commission: workers of a special team for the incineration of corpses in crematoria Henrik Tauber, Shlama Dragon, draftsman for the design of crematoria Nosal Yevganush. Chairman of the State Commission to Investigate the Atrocities of the Fascists D.I. Kudryavtsev, assistant military prosecutor of the 1st Ukrainian Front Pakhomov in the presence of former prisoners, scientists Henri Limousin, Berthold Epstein, Paolo Gez Mansfeld, Bruno Fischer at the scene of Nazi crimes. Funeral of tortured prisoners in the city of Auschwitz. Forensic medical examination consisting of the chief forensic medical expert of the 1st Ukrainian Front, lieutenant colonel of the medical service Fedor Fedorovich Bryzhin, forensic expert of the 60th army, major of the medical service Mikhail Gavrilovich Chursanov, expert-therapist, major of the medical service N.I. ... Pertsov and a former prisoner, Dr. Steinberg from Paris, is conducting an examination of the released prisoners. Among them: Apel Simon from Romania, Hayman, Blum Paschko, Mangegel Perud and Shaps Pavel from Czechoslovakia, Skurnik Yakov, Valigram from Poland, Sures David from Greece, Spau and Benkel Faival from Hungary, Bordi from France (neg. 326.4 m )
E. Svilova
Film ID
the great patriotic war
Number of Parts
M. Oshurkov, N. Bykov, K. Kutub-Zade, A. Pavlov, A. Vorontsov
Other Creators
music producer G. Hamburg, sound engineer D. Ovsyannikov, speaker L. Khmara
Release Date