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1 box The city of Auschwitz. Poland. January 27, 1945. View of the barracks for prisoners in the Auschwitz and Berkenau camps. Prisoners of various nationalities behind barbed wire watch Soviet soldiers opening the gates of the death camp. Among the freed prisoners: Katyn Bronislav, Grifis Frederick, Kened Tokken, Holt Frederick, Elena Yablunskaya, Stanislava Kshichkovskaya, Fischer Bruno, Ernst Toch, as well as Elkin, Schwartz, Solomon, Singer, Felsiburg, Elena Greenwald. Soldiers take out of the barracks the family of Ante Mandic, a member of the Presidium of the Anti-Fascist Veche of People's Liberation of Yugoslavia: his wife Olga, daughter-in-law and grandson Oleg. 2 box The city of Auschwitz. Poland. January 1945. Prisoners of Auschwitz, liberated by the Red Army, leave the camp. There are uncountable remains of people everywhere. The prisoners of Bayan Tauz from Yugoslavia and the girl Katerina Berg from Czechoslovakia leave the barrack. The twin children, assigned by the Germans for experiments, raise their hands to show the numbers. Doctors - pathologists, representatives of the Extraordinary State Commission, created to investigate the atrocities of the Nazis, conduct an examination of the bodies of children. Among the members of the commission: chief medical forensic expert of the 1st Ukrainian Front Fyodor Fedorovich Bryzhin, forensic medical expert of the army Mikhail Gavrilovich Chursanov. 3 box The city of Auschwitz. Poland. January 1945 View of an album with photographs of people from all over Europe tortured by the Nazis in the camp. Warehouses with prisoners' belongings. Human hair bags prepared for shipment to Germany. Representatives of the Extraordinary State Commission for the Investigation of the Atrocities of the Fascists, headed by General Dmitry Ivanovich Kudryavtsev, walk around the camp territory, inspect the "torture block" and barracks. The members of the commission are accompanied by released prisoners: Henri Limousin - professor at the University of Clermont-Ferrand (France), Berthold Epstein - director of the Prague University clinic, Paulo Geza - professor, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Bruno Fischer - neurologist from Czechoslovakia. Inspection of prisoners who have been subjected to various experiences and bullying. 4 box The city of Auschwitz. Poland. January 1945 Photographs of German camp leaders. Photos of the victims of the Nazis. View of the frozen corpses. Children are prisoners with numbers on their hands. The freed prisoners leave the camp. Ante Mandic's family is reading the letter. Barbed wire. Warehouse of clothes, children exterminated in Auschwitz.
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the second world war
, foreign countries (poland)
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M. Oshurkov, N. Bykov, K. Kutub-zade, A. Vorontsov, A. Pavlov.
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