Australia and Oceania

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Landscapes of Australia. Indian Ocean; waterfall. Koala bear in the forest, kangaroo with cub, emu ostrich. Visitors to the zoo inspect: a platypus, a dingo dog, kukkabarra birds, a cockatoo parrot, a black swan. Cows on the farm. Driving sheep from pasture to wool shearing. Wool shearing, loading. Sugarcane, papaya, strawberry plantations. Aborigines make a hut - a dwelling, hang amulets over the entrance to the hut; cut the fish with a stone knife. City of Melbourne. University. Students at a lecture. City of Canberra. Embassy of the Soviet Union. Observatory. Soviet and Australian scientists at the airport. City of Sydney. Traffic on the streets. Book Shop. The construction of an opera house. The rally in the park. Refinery. Ship in the ocean. Scientists on the deck of the research ship; explore the structure of coral reefs. View of coral reefs. Coast of Guinea. The natives' huts. The natives are planting plants; harvest; fish. New Zealand. Palm trees, geysers, mountain stream, vegetation. An extinct volcano crater. Sheep are grazing. Auckland city. Port of Wellington. Ships in the port. Goods to be sent to England. Loading fish. Museum exhibits: paintings, sculptures of soldiers. Maori village - indigenous people. Watchtowers with idols at the entrances. Maori girls are dancing.
A. Zenyakin
Film ID
scientific connections
, industry
, nature
, fishing
, plant growing
, oceanology
, livestock
, higher education
, animal world
, political connections
, sheep breeding
, astronomy
, utilities
, home life
Number of Parts
A. Zenyakin
Other Creators
Script A. Maryamov
Release Date
Has Sound

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