Austria - Yesterday Today

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Austria. Vienna city. Landscapes of the city, surroundings. The movement of automobile, urban, horse-drawn vehicles (fiacras), pedestrians. Residents of the city on the streets, in the park, at the shop windows. Military brass and pop orchestras. University building. Mozart Museum. City Park. Attractions. Carousel. Monument to Soviet soldiers. Laying wreaths. TV tower. Belvedere Palace. Congress building. Demonstration of workers, members of the communist and workers' parties on May 1, 1970. Demonstrators sing "Internationale". The chairman of the Austrian Communist Party F. Muri, member of the Politburo of the Communist Party F. Fürngerg give interviews (synchronously in German), talk about the role of the USSR in the liberation of Austria during the Second World War, the conclusion of the 1955 State Treaty, international workers' solidarity, social partnership. A Soviet correspondent interviews residents of Vienna: he asks about the liberation of Vienna in 1945. (synchronously in German). Solemn meeting dedicated to V. I. Lenin. Exhibition of Soviet books. Soviet-American Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. Arrival of the members of the delegations. Negotiations at the Belvedere Palace. Demonstration of students against US aggression in Vietnam. International Industrial Exhibition. Exhibition pavilions, including the USSR pavilion. Parliamentary elections. Ball of Viennese pensioners in the Stadthall palace. Youth evening. A pop orchestra is playing. Dancing. Demonstration of clothing models. Sewing clothes in sewing workshops. Classes in vocational technical schools. Production processes in agriculture, industrial enterprises. Oil fields. Chemical and metallurgical plants. Harvesting grapes, making hay. Austrian Alps. Landscapes. Tourists. Suspended cable car. Skiing. National holiday. Carnival procession, dancing. Danube river. Movement of barges, boats, steamers. Austrian and Soviet warships on the Danube. Solemn meeting of Soviet sailors who arrived on a friendly visit. Soviet sailors lay wreaths at the monument and the graves of Soviet soldiers. Mauthausen concentration camp. Monuments. Museums. Excursion. March of the prisoners of the Mauthausen camp. Memorial plaque and monument to General D. Karbyshev. General's daughter - Lena Karbysheva at the monument. Meeting of the participants of the Second World War in Wiener Neustadt. There are columns of members of the Resistance movement, soldiers. Demonstration of neo-fascists. Newsreel: March 1938. The occupation of the territory of Austria by the troops of Nazi Germany. German and Austrian fascists are marching. Airplanes over Vienna. Production processes at a military plant. April 1945. Street fighting in Vienna. Soviet troops enter the city, residents welcomed the soldiers. Moscow city. Fireworks on Red Square. April 27, 1945. People on the square in Vienna welcomed members of the Provisional Government of Austria. Chancellor K. Rener, Soviet Marshal F. I. Tolbukhin, Vice-Chancellor I. Koplenig. Session of Parliament. Inhabitants of Vienna are dancing a waltz in the square. Late 1940s - early 1950s. Opening of the railway bridge over the Danube river. Opening of a monument to Soviet soldiers. The mayor of Vienna K. Kerner is present. Meeting returning from Soviet captivity Austrian soldiers at the railway station in Wiener Neustadt. Ball at the opera house. Parliamentary elections. Construction of an American military base begins. Working delegation of protest. The police disperse and arrest the demonstrators. May 1955. The signing of the State Treaty on the restoration of independence and democracy in Austria at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. No shooting date. Vienna park. Carousel, Ferris wheel. High-society reception.
A. Koloshin
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the second world war
, public leisure and recreation facilities
, nature
, cultural connections
, fascist parties
, borbazamir
, police
, music
, military communications
, higher professional education
, communist parties
, metallurgy
, higher state bodies and institutions
, river transport
, textile industry
, tourism
, school education
, exhibitions
, rally and protest
, chemical industry
, cartage
, agriculture
, peoples life
, industry
, political connections
, entertainment
, media
, electoral system
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A. Koloshin
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announcer G. Zhzhenov
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