Automata in Space

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First part. A man drives a convertible car along a forest road, drives off with an oncoming car. The road turns into a mountain serpentine, in the background - the sea. Airplane in the sky among the clouds. The pilot is at the helm. - machine guns in the cockpit. The pilot leaves the cockpit, smokes, the plane flies on autopilot. Passengers in the aircraft cabin. The pilots and the stewardess are playing cards, the plane is controlled by a machine gun. - the sensitive elements of the autopilot, the geroscope (the main part of the autopilot). Demonstration of the autopilot operation. The rocket flies in the sky. - radio control (radar). Radar antennas track the missile's flight. - radio pulses on the locator screen. An image on the screen of a rocket launching a satellite into orbit. - 3rd Soviet artificial Earth satellite, demonstration of the operation of the elements of the satellite system. Specialist at the instruments of the ground measuring station. The second part of. Newsreel footage: August 1958, US Air Force base, launching a rocket in the direction of the moon, rocket explosion in the sky; October 1958, preparation of the rocket for launch, specialists at the instruments, launch, the rocket leaves for Space, the rocket deviates from the intended trajectory; autumn 1958, northern latitudes, views of the Earth from Space. Academy of Sciences of the USSR, scientists make calculations of the most expedient trajectory of a rocket to the moon. Rocket launch from the Soviet cosmodrome. The rocket flies in the sky. Specialists at the space tracking devices. View of the moon through a telescope. General view of the telescope. Radars. Rocket launch.
K. Dombrovsky
Film ID
space troops
, road transport
, air force
, radio communication
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, air transport
Number of Parts
D. Gasyuk
Other Creators
Consultant A.M. Kasatkin
Release Date
Has Sound

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