Autumn of Hope

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A film about the elimination of the polio epidemic in Estonia. Estonia. Abya city. The chairman of the regional committee of the Red Cross Society, Dr. A. Pruuli, is receiving at the hospital, examining a child with poliomyelitis. City of Tartu. Announcements of the polio epidemic on the buildings of cinemas, schools, kindergartens. A. Pruuli talks with Dr. E. Raudam. Dr. E. Raudam at the hospital. Children with poliomyelitis, children with disabilities. Dr. E. Raudam speaks on the radio with an appeal to the population to promote mass vaccination against poliomyelitis (sinhr., In Estonian). Vaccination in the years. Tartu, Abya, Tallinn, including the Tallinn Plywood and Furniture Factory. E. Raudam in the classroom at the medical institute. The movement of ambulances. Dr. A. Pruuli in a cafe with friends, at home (Abya). Moscow city. Academy of Medical Sciences. Polio Institute. Scientists at work. Professor MP Chumakov and Academician Sabin from the United States at the microscope, talking (sinhr.). Polio vaccine trials. Packaging of pills and vaccines (at one of the drug factories). Boxes with the inscription "Vaccine". Takeoff of the aircraft at the airport. Unloading vaccine boxes in (one of the foreign countries). Landscapes of the cities of Estonia, the Baltic Sea.
V. Lisakovich
Film ID
medical services for the population
, leisure
, nature
, school education
, medicinal assistance
, chemical and pharmaceutical production
, woodworking industry
, international connections
, socio-political organizations
, higher education
, population
, landscapes
, broadcasting
, cities
, medicine
, air transport
, preventive supervision
Number of Parts
G. Golubov
Other Creators
script L. Braslavsky, composer E. Denisov, sound engineer V. Marina
Release Date
Has Sound

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