Autumn of Our Alarm

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Film about the Day of Moscow (September 21, 1990). Employees of the experimental and production laboratory for the meteorological protection of Moscow on the plane. Cloudiness table. Carbon dioxide is poured into a metal container. Moscow map on a computer screen. Passers-by on the streets. Start at a tobacco kiosk with a sign on the sale of cigarettes by coupons. Tent camp near the building of the hotel "Russia". Posters. Participants in the City Day celebrations on Mayakovsky Square. The choreographic ensemble is dancing. The passage of drummers along Tverskaya street. They are coming Popov, Luzhkov. Orchestra at the building of the Moscow City Council. Participants of the procession of the times of Peter I. Carry the bell, the book "Apostle". The queue at the shoe store. Empty showcase, empty store shelves. The building of the Council of Ministers. Boris N. Yeltsin in the office. The building of the Moscow City Council. G. Popov and M. Gorbachev are speaking. Photographing in Izmailovsky Park near the cardboard figure of Mikhail Gorbachev. Market near the hotel building. Pictures, badges, nesting dolls with the faces of Gorbachev, Brezhnev, Khrushchev, Lenin. Supermarket in Bibirevo. Empty shelves. Checkout queue. Buyers at the fair. VDNKh. Walking audience. Fountain "Friendship of Peoples". Bodybuilder performance. Autumn landscape. Muscovites harvest potatoes in the field. Soldiers collect potatoes and load sacks onto a car. Queue at Pizza Hut. Hall. Waiter with a tray. Religious procession on Cathedral Square, on Trinity Bridge. Bread and salt is presented to Patriarch Alexy II. Thanksgiving prayer. Folk festivities in the evening. A military band is playing. Says Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna Yuvenaly (synchronously). Fireworks.
V. Kopalin
Film ID
, public catering
, holidayscities
, meteorology
, higher state bodies
, economic policy
, trade
, plant growing
Number of Parts
E. Akkuratov, K. Durnov, V. Ivanov, E. Marfel
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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