Autumn Sketch

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A sketch film about Moscow. Autumn, the bridge over the Yauza, cars drive along the embankment. Cars drive along one of the streets of Zamoskvorechye. New buildings, bridge floors. Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky on Sovetskaya Square (removed from behind the fence). The traffic controller on Gorky Street. Passers-by in Stoleshnikov Lane. The building of the Moscow City Council. River station, a pleasure boat departs from the pier. The train arrives at the station platform. Meeting people on the platform of the Kievsky railway station. Showcase of the Pioneer store on Gorky Street. First graders with flowers go to school. Solemn ruler. Pioneers with flowers at the school. Schoolchildren go to school. Street cafe "Flamingo", men are sitting at tables. A sign of the Druzhba cafe on the facade of a multi-storey building. Summer theater, empty seats, a girl dancing on stage. The facade of the Moscow Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin in scaffolding, posters. Posters of the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. Soda water vending machines. Conservatory, passers-by on Herzen Street. Sculptures, swings in the park of culture and recreation. Zoo, elephant, hippos, eagles in aviaries. Pigeons are sitting on the ledge of a building. NDP on the shelves of the vegetable market. The saleswoman hangs corn, cabbage for the man. Selling watermelons on the street. Women with flowers in the street. Young mothers with strollers sit on benches in the park. Elderly men stroll along the boulevard, women with strollers, lovers. The sun comes out from behind the clouds. Fallen leaves in the park alleys. Men are playing dominoes on the boulevard. The facade of the "Notes" store. A saleswoman sells carbonated water on the street, passers-by with umbrellas, cars are driving. Reflection of trees in the water, rain. Street lights.
L. Serova
Film ID
public leisure and recreation facilities
, road transport
, private trade
, school education
, state trade
, theatre
, music
, situation of various populations
, landscapes
, non-residential buildings
, cities
, sculpture
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, peoples life
Number of Parts
A. Lebedev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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