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The city of Volokolamsk. The Historical and Household Museum of Local Lore destroyed by German troops. Partisan detachment on the streets of the city. December, 1941 Operator I. Veinerovich A partisan detachment formed in Moscow is sent to the Kalinin Front to fight the enemy. On the outskirts of Moscow, a large detachment of partisans with weapons, duffel bags, skis (many of them women) lined up on the street. The partisans in the ranks are smiling. The squad leader demonstrates to his comrades how to handle a rifle, checks the rifles of his soldiers. A panorama of the partisans, among them - very young faces. Meeting of commanders, one of them on the map marks the route of the partisans. The commander speaks to the partisans. The commanders are talking on the street. A young partisan holds skis in her hands, smiles. A young partisan puts grenades in a bag. The partisans leave the courtyard, where the gathering took place, into the street, riding in the back of a truck. A column of trucks with partisans is driving through the streets of Moscow. Trucks with partisans are driving along a forest road. The partisans get out of cars on the road near the forest, line up. The commander meets his new fighters, talks to them on the road. - the faces of the partisans. The guerrillas in deep snow line up into the forest, to the rear of the enemy. The partisan commander, wounded in battle, remains for treatment, says goodbye to his comrades in the forest.
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the great patriotic war
I. Veinerovich
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