Awakened Steppe

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Development of virgin and fallow lands in the Kustanai region of the Kazakh SSR. 1h - Meeting of builders of the state farm "Ordzhonikidzevsky", speakers: FP Kukhtin, P. Proskurin, searching for water in the steppe, Professor GF Pollak, laboratory assistant Ageeva check the quality of water (neg. 274, pos. 216.). 2h - On the steppe are tractors with fuel and agricultural machinery to the field camp. Life and everyday life of Komsomol members in trailers (neg. 196, pos. 172). 3h - Kostanay steppe (from the plane). Workers of the state farm "Ordzhonikidzevsky" prepare virgin lands for plowing, set fire to the grass cover of the steppe. The tractor drives the first furrow on virgin soil (neg. 162, pos. 137.). 4h - MP Guyda's tractor plows virgin soil; lunch is brought to the tractor, a production team meeting in the field. First sowing (neg. 143. Pos. 109.). 5h - Manufacturing of adobe bricks for the construction of workshops in the state farm "Ordzhonikidzevsky". Team members plant potatoes, pick tomatoes and cucumbers. Repair shop in the field mill (neg. 198, pos. 168.). 6h - Employees of the Ordzhonikidzevsky grain farm receive a salary, shop in a shop-carriage, receive mail, in a hairdresser's, a library, listen to a phonograph during their rest, play volleyball, checkers, chess, art at a concert Balls (neg. 156, pos. 136.). 7h -Construction of the estate, Sergeenko's brigade is working, FP Kukhtin examines the construction (neg. 219, pos. 173.). 8h - Zernosovkhoz "Ordzhonikidzevsky": the streets of the village, builders are finishing finishing the store. The director of the state farm gives the new settlers the keys to the new apartment (neg. 126, pos. 107). 9h - Harvest. Harvester in the field. Lorries carry grain to the elevator (neg. 109, pos. 120.). 10h - Construction of farmsteads of grain state farms "Urneksky", "Komsomolsky", "Bataminsky". Harrowing and sowing in the fields (neg. 118, pos. 115.).
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B. Nebylytsky, V. Komarov
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