Azov - 900

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View of the Don River. Fishermen in a boat. Barkas, motor boats sail along the river. Boats at the shore. Ruins of the ancient city of Tanais at the mouth of the Don River. Rostov region, Azov. Road sign: "Azov. Founded in 1067". The streets of the town. Construction of a multi-storey residential building. Schoolchildren in the class are writing an essay on the theme "Our City". One of the production shops of a machine-building plant. Fishermen pull the net with fish to the shore. Fishing vessels at the pier. Weighing fish. Cans with granular caviar, manufactured at the Azov enterprise "Azcherryba"; fish is dried in special cabinets. Azov shipbuilders at work; a bottle of champagne smashes against the side of the ship. Unloading coal at the port. People are resting on the banks of the river, swimming. Sailboats on the river. The central entrance to the park named after Lenin Komsomol; people pass along the alleys of the park. Evening illumination of city streets. Photos of the city of Azov before the revolution.
Н. Belikov
Film ID
, school education
, fishing
, river transport
, shipbuilding industry
, landscapes
, mechanical engineering
, fish farming
, utilities
, history
, geography
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V. Yablokov
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Has Sound

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