Baikal and Transbaikal

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The film tells about the Baikal mountain country, the mountain ranges of the Baikal region and Transbaikalia, their flora and fauna. The film from the Mountain Systems series is intended for use in geography lessons. Baikal mountainous country. Mountain peaks; loaches; the slopes of the ridge. Mountain taiga: river; timber road along the river (filmed). Lake in a mountain valley. Hot spring; the thermometer at the source shows t +72 C. Geologists are passing by. Mining: there is an excavator. A herd of deer is crossing the river in the valley. Baikal region. Baikal ridges. Lake Baikal. Mountain river; waterfall in the mountains. The Angara River flowing out of Lake Baikal (captured from an airplane). Coniferous forest on the mountainside. Taiga: a squirrel gallops along the coniferous branches. Vegetation of the Baikal region: pines, cedars, larch trees, a flowering rhododendron bush, a meadow with flowering aquilegia. Transbaikalia. River in the taiga; mountain range (filmed from a helicopter). Shepherds are passing by with a herd of reindeer. Lake Leprindo: hunters with dogs are walking along the shore. Mountains overgrown with forest. Cedar elfin. A shepherd on a horse grazes a flock of sheep. Barguzinsky Nature Reserve: Lake Baikal; waterfall in the mountain taiga. Animals in the reserve: black-capped marmot; partridges; pika; eagle; sable; badger; chipmunk; fox; squirrel; bear; muskrat; deer; nutcracker. A forester is crossing the bridge of the river. The tractor drives through the forest plantation.
Yu Dubinskaya
Film ID
reindeer husbandry
, navigable rivers
, forest management
, metallurgy
, protection of nature
, geology
, systematics of animals
, lakes
, restoring and increasing the forest fund
, landscapes
, systematized
, sheep breeding
, huntinganimals
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
author T. Tarasova, editors I. Dobrovolskaya, L. Fine-Hirsch
Release Date
Has Sound

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