Baikonur Chronicle of the Tragedy

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The film tells about the explosion on October 24, 1960 at the Baikonur cosmodrome of an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) R-16, which led to the death of the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces (Special Forces) MI Nedelin, a large group of soldiers, service personnel and launch site engineers. The film shows rare footage of documentary footage of a rocket explosion and a platform filled with fire, photographs of scientists and officers. The film also interviews direct eyewitnesses to the disaster and the few survivors of the explosion. FILM ONE Memorial day at the remains of the launch pad №41 (24.10.2003). Laying flowers at the Eternal Flame. Memorial plaque at the site of the tragedy. K.I.N (candidate of historical sciences) V.I. Ivkin speaks about falsification of the death of Marshal M.I. Nedelina. Documents about the catastrophe 10.24.60. Rocket R-16 on a pedestal at the headquarters of the Strategic Missile Forces. D.I.n., retired Lieutenant-General E.B. Volkov talks about the R-7 rocket, about an indefinite number of missiles for victory. Engineer-Engineer of Yuzhnoye Design Bureau speaks about the stage launching system (the differences between R-17 and R-16), about waiting for the arrival of Academician M.S. Yangel. Rocket R-16. Military tester S.N. Pavlov (retired colonel) talks about M.I. Nedelin and his presence at the starts. Cameraman V.T. Anokhin (retired colonel) talks about delays and troubles in the preparation of the rocket. V.L. Petelin (laureate of the State Prize of the USSR) talks about the stay of M.I. Nedelina near the rocket itself. VT Anokhin talks about shooting. V.L. Petelin - about consultations, startup problems. Doctor of Technical Sciences (Doctor of Technical Sciences) S.M. Vyazov talks about the role of industry, about the personal order of M.I. Nedelin he left the starting point. V.I. Reshetnikov speaks about the salvation of a group of scientists by Kuznetsov. I.V. Meshcheryakov speaks about non-observance of safety precautions. SN Pavlov speaks of a technical malfunction at the start. KA [Luarsabov] talks about the breakdown of the fuel membrane and the ejection of a flame, which led to a 24-hour start delay. CHRONICLE (b / w): New York, United Nations (10/14/1960). Speech by N.S. Khrushchev. Shop for the manufacture of ICBMs. The funeral of Marshal M.I. Nedelina (27.10.1960). Launch of ICBM R-14. Launch of the R-7 rocket (shot from below). Preparing the R-7 rocket for launch. B-52 bombers (USA) are taxiing around the airfield. An American submarine (submarine) launches an ICBM from a submerged position. American tanks [M-60]. A group of F-4 "phantom" fighters patrol over the aircraft carrier. MLTP - hostile countries surrounding the USSR (ICBMs, aviation, submarines, aircraft carriers) and designations of NATO countries. A rocket train built to deliver rockets to the Tyura-Tam cosmodrome (rocket unloading 10/21/1960). Servicemen in headsets. Meeting of KI Voroshilov and MI Nedelin (presentation of the Chief Marshal's badges to Nedelin). Removal of the P-16 to the launch pad (10/21/1960). Speech by designer Yangel from the rostrum. S.P. Korolev is sitting in his chair at the start. Refueller. Rocket refueling team in gas masks and chemical protection suits. PHOTO (b / w): Chief Marshal of Artillery M. I. Nedelin. Secretary General of the USSR N.S. Khrushchev stands with his hand raised on the podium of the UN. The building of the design bureau and plant No. 586 (1960). A snapshot of the plant from an American spy satellite. FILM SECOND Meshcheryakov talks about a problem in electronics (open circuit and short circuit). Vyazov speaks of Kuznetsov's opinion to stop the launch. Instrumentation (command and measurement point) and its personnel. Ph.D. (Candidate of Technical Sciences) V.G. Popov speaks of a premonition to leave the start. M.N. Khlibov (leading designer) eyewitness of the tragedy. SN Pavlov talks about his survival in the fire and about covering it with a jacket. Popov talks about his rescue as a soldier. Luarsabov talks about the explosion of engines, extinguishing fires. Anokhin talks about one of the burned people. Pavlov talks about skin grafts. IV Meshcheryakov talks about his salvation thanks to his swimming skills (because you can't breathe - NDMH ("heptyl") affects the lungs), about the death of a group of Kiev cadets due to poisoning. Lurasabov talks about burns on the legs and face. Anokhin talks about the death of M.I. Nedelin (they found only the metal rim of the cap, watch and the star of the Hero of the USSR). Anokhin talks about the attitude of L.I. Brezhnev to the accident. Popov talks about Brezhnev's imposition of his version of Nedelin's death. The veteran of the polygon A.P. Seminin about the rain on the day of the funeral of M.I. Nedelin, speeches by A.A. Grechko, crying L.I. Brezhnev, D.F. Ustinov. Monument to those killed at the site. IV Meshcheryakov talks about the treatment of burns. Pavlov talks about the pain when peeling off the dried bandages in the Burdenko hospital. Laying flowers at the graves of the dead. SN Kononenko (General Director and General Designer of Yuzhnoye Design Bureau) on the introduction of the so-called “deserted start”. Pavlov talks about the so-called "doctrine of containment", about the need to preserve the RS-22 "Voyevoda" missiles. Opening of the monument to MI Nedelin in Baikonur. 100th anniversary of the birth of M.I. Nedelina, the laying of wreaths (among those present, the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, N.E. Solovtsov). Monuments to Nedelin, Yangel, Korolev. CHRONICLE (b / w): A rocket explosion, fire, survivors fleeing from the rocket. Close-up - people against the background of the sea of fire. Burning refuellers. Rocket explosion fireball. Leonid Brezhnev descends the plane. The wreckage of a rocket and a burnt-out bus (filmed after the accident). Launch of a modern Soviet ICBM from a silo (silo launcher). Sea launch platform for launching ZenitSL missiles. Start of "Zenith" from the offshore platform.
Y. Salnikov
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A. Veprev, V. Polyansky, V. Tereshchenko
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