Ballad About My Contemporary

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Warships at sea. Sailors on the deck of the ship. Ships in the port. Landscapes of Russia: river, forest. Students of one of the music schools in solfeggio classes. Students of one of the universities take exams. Production processes in the shops of one of the electrical enterprises. The audience on the streets of the city, in the subway, in the store. Citizens of the Soviet Union at home, eating, in a hairdresser's, at a performance in a circus, at a concert by the Berezka ensemble. Fragments of a circus performance, ensemble performances (synchronously). Performances of the Ukrainian dance ensemble, the Omsk folk choir (synchronously), fragments of football and hockey matches, swimming "walruses" in the ice-hole. Picture gallery in Gorlovka. Classes of students of one of the schools in the gym. Flight test pilots, a lesson in one of the schools. Landscapes of Siberia: taiga, sledges. Laying power lines through the taiga, the construction of one of the cities in the Arctic. Rebuilding Tashkent after the earthquake: building new houses. Views of Karaganda: streets, houses, industrial landscape of the city. Coal mining in the mines of Karaganda. Academician B. Petrovsky during the operation. Hunting for tigers in the Ussuri taiga.
D. Radovsky
Film ID
urban transport
, dance
, building
, football
, hockey
, hunting
, painting
, music
, consumer services
, medical services for the population
, energy
, fuel industry
, natural disasters
, navy
, landscapes
, school education
, peoples life
, industry
, retail trade
, professional education
, cities
, medicine
, aviation
Number of Parts
V. Ropeiko
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Has Sound

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