Baltic Economic Region

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The film is dedicated to the geographical location of the Baltic economic region; its influence on the development of machine-building, fuel and energy, timber industry, fish processing, agro-industrial complexes. 1 part of the Baltics. The coast of the Baltic Sea. Port: ships on the water; an autocar with a load comes aboard the vessel; deck of the ship, loading is in progress. Port cranes; a worker supervises loading on the ship "Pärnu". The crane lowers the car onto the barge. A caravan of ships goes by sea; fishermen in a boat pull out nets with fish. Timber industry complex. Paper production; plywood; building structures. Workshops with equipment; workers at the machines. Latvian SSR, Riga. Cars are driving along the road cable-stayed bridge, in the background is the spire of the Church of St. Peter. Pedestrians pass along the street. An electric train approaches the railway platform; passengers in the carriage; train drivers are driving a train. Workshop of the Riga Electrotechnical Plant "VEF": employees at work; plant products. A television camera installed in the building transmits video to the screen. Factory employees go to the dining room through the turnstiles. Riga Bus Factory: employee at work; there are minibuses "RAF". Latvian SSR, Daugavpils. Hydroelectric power station on the Daugava river. Estonian SSR, Kohtla-Järve. Oil shale quarry; workers unload the rock; there is a funicular. Shop of the production association "Slantsekhim": the process of processing oil shale. Estonian SSR, Tallinn. Spire of the Church of St. Olaf. Tallinn Power Plant: generators are running. Fish cannery: cans of canned fish on a conveyor belt in the workshop; employees at work; finished products. Lithuanian SSR, Ignalina region. Ignalina NPP under construction. Block control panel (MCR); employees at work. Lithuanian SSR, Klaipeda. Fishing collective farm: fishermen pull nets with fish; fish processing workshop. 2 part of the Baltics. A stork is flying over a plowed field. An AN-2 plane is flying over the field. Tractors in the fields carry out reclamation work. Grocery store: a saleswoman puts dairy products on the counter; weighs duck, ham on the scales. Agricultural school: students in the classroom. New comfortable villages for young professionals. Women knit; crochet; skeins of linen yarn; exhibition of linen fabrics; linen products. The master processes amber; woman collects amber beads. Amber products are on the table. Lithuanian SSR. Flax field: combine harvesters in the field; Experimental breeding station employees inspect the plants. In the laboratory, an employee works with test tubes. Latvian SSR. Field with camomiles. Cows graze in the meadow. Dairy farm: cows in stalls, employees at work, a milkmaid milks a cow with a milking machine. A passenger car is driving along the buildings of the dairy farm. An employee analyzes the milk from the tank. The milk processing machine is working. Pig farm: pigs in pens, a worker drives a mini-tractor through the pig farm workshop; pigs are fed, washed. Poultry farm: turkeys, chickens. Egg boxes in the farm workshop. Latvian SSR, Riga. Cars are driving along the road cable-stayed bridge, the spire of St. Peter's Church is in the background. Estonian SSR, Narva. Krengol manufactory: employees at work. Estonian SSR, Tallinn. Singing holiday: People in national costumes with the emblem of the holiday and flags are walking along the street.
N. Pimenova, S. Zagoskina
Film ID
, cotton industry
, heat power engineering
, settlements
, loading and unloading works
, secondary education
, national holidays
, pig breeding
, communication production
, ports and port facilities
, agricultural machinery
, fishing industry
, radio industry
, decorative and applied art of the baltics
, grocery stores
, passenger trains
, baltic coastal fisheries economic region
, woodworking pulp and paper industry
, hydropower
, oil shale industry
, fishing farm
, transport engineering
, road structures
, field cultivation
, seed production
, irrigation
, nuclear energy
, flooding
, lesnaya
, public catering
, aircraft
, cities
, seeds
, poultry
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
author V. Fost, consultant V. Dronov, editor A. Brook
Release Date
Has Sound

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