Bastion of Health

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The film tells about the resort city of Kislovodsk (Stavropol Territory). The first part. Panorama on the mountain slopes, rocks, views of Elbrus. Mountain gorge, waterfall. Mountain flowers. Beats the source. The water of the mountain river flows. View of the city of Kislovodsk from the park. Parks, squares. October narzan baths, vacationers pass by along the street. Types of the central streets of the city. Bust of M.Yu. Lermontov. Ruins of the walls of the fortress, built to protect vacationers from the raids of the mountaineers. Museum of the artist-democrat N.A. Yaroshenko in the artist's house. In front of the entrance there is a sculpture by N.A. Yaroshenko with a palette. The interiors of the museum, paintings by N.A. Yaroshenko on the walls. The building of the former spa hall (kurzal - modern Philharmonic, theater, museum). Kurhaus interiors. The grand piano in the Kurhaus, which was played. S.V. Rachmaninov. The building of the Main Narzan Baths, flower beds, vacationers are passing by. Ancient houses, the owners of which in the 19th century. took rest. The train arrives at the station "Kislovodsk". Station building. Passengers leave the carriage, walk along the platform. Communication House building. The building of the Elbrus department store, passers-by are walking. Central square, buses are passing by. Fountain, square. - jets. Perspective of 50 years of October prospect. A building of one of the sanatoriums, a flowerbed in front of the entrance, a tree trimmed in the shape of a rocket, vacationers are walking. The trees bent over the pond. - chestnut leaves. Architectural and sculptural composition "Cranes" (1978, sculptors brothers Roberman, architect KI Valyarovsky) in Koltsovsky park - a monument in honor of the residents of Kislovodsk who died during the Great Patriotic War. Residents of the city lay flowers at the monument. Houses in which during the war there were evacuation hospitals №3176 / 5404, №4160, №4426 / 5393. Photos of wards of hospitals, patients, doctors. Ambulances are parked in the courtyard of the hospital. Patients are examined in hospitals and sanatoriums. A woman swims with sensors in the pool, the doctor takes readings from the sensors. General view of the outdoor pool. A group of vacationers under the guidance of a coach is engaged in exercises in the pool. Mineral water from a narzan spring flows into a glass. Vacationers drink mineral water. The inscription "SULPHATE NARZAN COLD". The queue to the source. The second part. Kr.-pl. - health resort book of the health resort "Red October". The nurse watches the patient during the procedure for taking a mineral bath. Passengers get out of the cable car. The nurse measures the pressure of the man. Mathematical processing of research results in a computer. Taxi stand, queue. The Volga taxi departs from the bus stop. Passengers leave the passenger compartment of the regular bus at the bus stop. Aeroflot agency building. The crockery department in the store, the seller offers the buyer a souvenir horn-glass. The seller packs a porcelain teapot into a branded box of the Kislovodsk souvenir factory. A craftswoman in a factory is painting a teapot. NDP on the products of the factory. Vacationers on the beach by the lake in the city park. A company of young people is sailing on a motor boat, a young man is taking pictures of the coast. Amusement park, children ride the carousel. Pioneers with a counselor ride a carousel. Pioneer detachment in the mountains near the waterfall. The building of the sanatorium named after Georgiy Dimitrov. Circus building. The building of the cinema "Russia". Architects in the studio are considering projects for new hotels and sanatoriums. Construction of new buildings of one of the sanatoriums. Square. - new buildings of the Krepost sanatorium (on the site of the old fortress). Building of the Rodnik sanatorium. Vacationers walk on the territory of the sanatorium. Vacationers walk in the city park, sit on benches. Man, woman hand-feed squirrels. Women are sitting on the grass, knitting. An elderly man with a woman and a boy are sitting on a bench, looking at photographs. Roses in the park. The cable car is going. Views of the city from a flying helicopter. Elbrus.
M. Barbutly
Film ID
the second world war
, urban transport
, road transport
, cinemas
, architecture
, building
, state trade
, painting
, medical services for the population
, pioneer organization
, funiculars
, spa assistance
, museums
, postal communication
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, gardensparksculture
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, glassware and porcelain industry
, improvement of settlements
, peoples life
, telephone communications
, telegraph communication
, the circus
, cities
, sculpture
Number of Parts
M. Barbutly
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