Battle of Budapest

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1a h. - The liberation of the Hungarian city of Vac by the Soviet troops. View of destroyed and burning houses. Observation post of Soviet artillery on the roof of the building. At the stereoscopic tube - the commander of the 106th artillery brigade of the 15th artillery division, Colonel Ivan Nikolaevich Pastukh. Colonel-General Mikhail Stepanovich Shumilov presents orders to officers (84.9 m) 1b h. - Battles of Soviet artillery, infantry, tank landing in Szekesfehervar and Budapest. Soviet women sappers with mine detectors on a city street (231.2 m) 2 hours - A view of an undisturbed part of the city in Budapest: a monument to the Millennium of Hungary on Heroes' Square, the building of the Royal Palace. Local residents at the corpse of a horse. Barricades on the streets of the city. Prisoners are passing by under escort. View of factory chimneys and a burning factory building. (231.2 m) 3 hours - Soviet soldiers in Budapest. An infantry unit with a banner and an orchestra is passing by. Residents welcome the fighters. A group of prisoners of Magyars is under escort. The crossing of the Danube by trucks and a Willis car on a pontoon raft. Soviet tank with the NDP: "ALEXANDER NEVSKY" passes through the forest belt. View of broken German equipment on the city streets (250.8 m) 4 hours - The commander of the SS units of Hungary, General Karl Pfeffer - Wildenbruch and his chief of staff Uzdau Lindenau are under the escort of Soviet soldiers, during preliminary interrogation. Major General Fyodor Samoilovich Kolchuk passes by the car, enters the building, at the observation post. General Pfeffer-Wildenbruch, under escort, leaves the house, gets into the Willys, and is ferried on a raft across the Danube. Captured tanks and cars "Wilis" on the streets of Budapest. View of the corpses of German soldiers. (315.5 m) 5-6 h. - Residents of the city, pushing each other, crowd at the bakery; butchering the corpse of a horse on one of the streets of the city (1 plot). Funeral ceremony for the lieutenant colonel who died in the Battle of Budapest. Funeral rally on Freedom Square at the monument to the fallen Soviet soldiers in the battles for the liberation of Hungary (2 plot) (95.2 m) 7 hours - Soviet command in Budapest. Lieutenant General Ivan Methodievich Managarov leaves the house, gets into the car. Chief of Staff, Major General Lev Borisovich Sosedov at his desk over a map; talking on the phone. At the observation post are: Major General Fedor Samoilovich Kolchuk, head of the political department Mamed Zeynalov, corps artillery commander Colonel Tryakhnov. The commander of the 7th Guards Army, Colonel-General Mikhail Stepanovich Shumilov with a member of the Military Council, Major-General Vladimir Mikhailovich Mukhin at the observation post, the veranda of the Hungarian baron's hunting castle, are watching the battle. The commander of the 16th artillery division, Major General Nikolai Alekseevich Gusarov, is talking in his office with officers, among whom is Major General Ivan Mikhailovich Afonin. Guards Major Mikhail Pavlovich Makedonov and Dmitry Kuzmich Stepantsov at the observation post are watching the actions of the artillery. M.P. Makedonov at his desk gives the order, talks on the phone, receives the report (222.2).
Kasatkin, Rymarev, Yatsun
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the second world war
, foreign countries (hungary)
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P.D. Kasatkin, D.G. Rymarev, A.I. Frolov, E.P. Yatsun, I.A. Sokolnikov.
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There is no data
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