Battle Reserve of the Red Cavalry

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Views of the Don River and the territory of the "Donskoy Skakun" collective farm. A herd of horses on a collective farm pasture. View of the tent camp of the Moscow Central Cavalry School of the OSOAVIAKHIM of the USSR. S.M. Budyonny. Internal view of the stable. Red Army cavalry in the classroom for physical and theoretical training. Cavalry care for horses. In the classroom, cavalrymen perform elements of vaulting, improve horse riding, including over rough terrain, and learn methods of chemical protection. The cavalrymen are firing rifles, practicing bayonet fighting techniques. General view of the opening of the 3rd All-Union equestrian competition of the OSOAVIAKHIM of the USSR with the participation of the best riders from 25 territories and regions: raising the flag of the competition, parade of participants, spectators in the stands, among those present on the platform - O.I. Gorodovikov; performances of competition participants in vaulting, in hurdles, horse racing and other competitions, type of a group of competition winners. Cavalrymen on horseback and carts on Red Square during the May Day parade, leaders of the party and government on the podium of the Mausoleum; among them - I.V. Stalin, S.M. Budyonny, K.E. Voroshilov and others.
P.P. Malakhov
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collective farms
, livestock
, voluntary societies
, landscapes
, equestrian
, professional education
, ground troops
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G.V. Hibert
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