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The film tells about the non-state rehabilitation community for orphans and invalids "Lyubutka", which is headed by Elena Davydovna Armand. Part 1 Views of the village of Monino (Tver region) at different times of the day. Residents on the streets of the village, at home, talking about the village. The man is examining an old card. Masha Sulimova talks about the village. Alena Davydovna Armand sits at the table, shares her memories of her family, her grandmother - Lydia Maryanovna Armand, about oligophrenia. The interiors of the room. The boy paints the drawings. Michael, Masha and Ilyusha are engaged in farming. A girl plays the piano, another girl, a pupil of the community, stands and looks. Part 2 View of the house where members of the Lyubutka community live. The teacher of the Lyubutka community, Masha Sulimova, stands in the yard by the horse, talks (sync. And per shot) about herself, about the pupils, examines photographs in the room. Horses chew hay. View of the winter landscape around the village, the bridge over the stream. Pupils of the community are walking along the bridge over the stream. Ilya washes dishes in the kitchen, peels potatoes. Michael, Anna, Alyosha at home. The pupil of the community Lilya takes Alyosha in her arms, leaves the house with him, walks on the street, rolls him in a wooden carriage (Anna talks about Lilya behind the scenes). Michael is Anna's husband on the construction of a house: he works with an ax, saws boards, nails them. A boy, one of the community's pupils, oversees his work. Part 3 Documents from the personal file of Nelly Sergeevna Ignatieva are on the table in the house. Alena Davydovna examines the documents, talks (off-screen) about her, about her parents. Nelly walks through the yard, enters the house in the room, sews curtains for the window, hangs them up. Winter landscape. Community pupil Vanya rides a horse. Alena Davydovna is standing, looking. Vanya is walking with a sled, Alena Davydovna comes up to him. Alena Davydovna is carrying a sled, on which Vanya is standing. Vanya sleds down a steep slope, falls into the snow. The woman walks past the hedge. Winter landscape: boulders, pine, house, forest (background). The man is riding a cart. A room in a community house. At the table, facing each other, a woman and a boy are sitting. The boy writes, then leaves the table, descends the stairs to the first floor. Vanya is lying on the bed in the corner. Masha (behind the scenes) talks about Vanya, who came to the community from a mental hospital. Vanya's mother is in prison. Vanya with Alena Davydovna in the room, paints the panels on the attic ceiling. Ilya is in the courtyard by the rope with hanging clothes. Ilyusha shakes off the snow from his clothes, then takes it off the rope (Masha talks about Ilyusha behind the scenes). Little Tusya, Marina's daughter, sits on a sled in the yard. Masha is calling Tusya (sinhr.). Ilya is in the courtyard, putting the lumps in a woodpile. Masha is leading Tusya around the yard, a dog is running nearby. Michael and Marina are sawing the logs, Ilyusha is folding the lumps. Masha makes a cake out of the snow, Tusya looks at how she does it, breaks the cake with a spatula. Marina holds Tusya in her arms, talks about her (sinhr.). Anna is in the kitchen, talks (sinhr.) About the gypsy Bodik, who joined the community, lived with them for a while, and then disappeared when one of the girls, Marina, became pregnant with him and gave birth to a daughter. Marina and one of the community's pupils on horseback. Masha is in the kitchen, making tea, talking about Marina (sinhr.). A man on horseback rides to the house, followed by Marina on horseback. Part 4. Anna is sitting in the kitchen, talking about the fact that there is a free religion in the community, and that she baptized her children in Germany. A group of community members, including a priest from Germany, stand by the cart. The cart, driven by the driver, drives off. There is a priest from Germany and another man in it. The cart drives through the village street. One of the community members - a native of New Zealand Robin Archer sits in a room, talking about himself. about how he got to Russia, and then to the Lyubutka community (behind the scenes. Anna translates from German). Robin is stroking the cat, Masha is sitting opposite him. Robin is in the cow shed, milking the cow. View of a calf in a pen and a horse chewing hay. Robin shows her passports - American, English, German. Boys - pupils of the community in the kitchen under the leadership of Alyona Davydovna knead dough in basins (Alyona Davydovna for the frame. Tells about her surname Armand). Alena Davydovna tells (sync. And behind the scenes.) That at the age of 8, her mother took her to the Alekseevskaya studio, where they practiced choreography, gymnastics, and pantomime. General view of the photographs, which Alena Davydovna is in the studio in the classroom. Alena Davydovna (per frame) talks about the studio. A fragment of an amateur performance staged by the inhabitants of the community based on one of the Russian fairy tales (sinhr.). Community members - Masha, Anna with a child, Robin, as well as their pupils climb the stairs to the 2nd floor. All members of the community are sitting at a table set for tea, singing psalms (sinhr.) During Christmas. Masha is decorating a Christmas tree in the room. Part 5 Masha stands on the porch of the house, discusses the path to faith (sync. And outside the frame.): Says that people's faith lies through the heart. Alena Davydovna in a room with bookcases (shot through a window from the street). Boys - pupils of the community run naked in the snow, play snowballs. Alena Davydovna is in the room, talking about her pupils (sync. And for the frame.), Shows a polished sink, made by one of the pupils and presented to her. Winter landscape: fields, woods, cars passing along a country road. Masha talks about the conflict with Alena Davydovna (sinhr.), Who unwittingly imposes her view on the path of community development, on the methods of education. But in the main, says Masha, there is no conflict. A "Niva" car is driving along the street, a wooden cart on wheels is attached to it, in which the pupils of the community are sitting. General view of the house in which the Lyubutka community is located. Masha says (off-screen) that the community is experiencing "loneliness", there are no people nearby who would support the ideas of the community. A horse with a sleigh rides through the village, the horse is driven by Marina. View of the community courtyard with a cart and a horse. (B / w plans) All members of the community, headed by Alena Davydovna, are sitting at the table, having lunch. Alena Davydovna talks (off-screen) about Masha's great role in the community. Alena Davydovna with the pupils in the barn are looking at the calf. Small children in cribs. General view of the community house on the edge of the village of Monino. All residents of the community go out to see off the film crew; among them is Alena Davydovna. Michael. Robin, Anna, Masha, Ilya, Marina, Nelly and others. All waving after the departing film crew. General view of the village street.
S. Muzychenko (Zonova)
Film ID
rural settlements
, everyday life
, landscapes
, social security
, charity
Number of Parts
R. Gerasimenkov
Other Creators
sound engineer A. Zakrzhevsky, editor M. Naydenova
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