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Interviews of Soviet and foreign citizens on the topic: "What is a feat, who can be called a hero?" Photos by K. Marx, F. Engels; filming of V.I. Lenin (1918-1920). Newsreel of the 2nd World War, the Great Patriotic War. A. Hitler on the podium. Nuremberg War Criminals Trial (1945-1946). City of Moscow during wartime, Leningrad in the blockade. The graves of Soviet soldiers. Monuments to Soviet soldiers. Photos of the Heroes of the Soviet Union: A. Matrosov, V. Talalikhin, Z. Kosmodemyanskaya. Writer O. Gorchakov tells (synchronously) about his activities as an underground worker, a spy behind enemy lines in Poland. Polish writer Z. Shimankiewicz speaks (synchronously) about the Polish underground, the feat of O. Gorchakov. Former pilot Yu. Kozlovsky, who suffered an accident, held out in the winter Trans-Baikal taiga for 3 days before the arrival of the rescuers, who underwent amputation of both legs, works in the department of the Artificial Heart Laboratory. Hero of Socialist Labor, chief physician of the Orphanage M. G. Kontareva in his office, with children. Conscripts interview; Soviet soldier I. Chmurov, who fought in Afghanistan, awarded a government award, firefighter V. Romashevsky, who participated in the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, surgeon Y.A. , whose work is dedicated to the problem of heroism. Photo: pilots Yanov and Kapustin, who sacrificed their lives to save the inhabitants of the city, over which their plane crashed.
L. Kolesova
Film ID
, air force
, health care
, literature
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, armed forces
Number of Parts
V. Baikov
Other Creators
Script by D. Volkogonov, B. Dubrovin, music by L. Timofeev, V. Gazaryan, sound by V. Schekutyev
Release Date
Has Sound

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