Bela Kun

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The film is dedicated to the organizer and leader of the Hungarian Communist Party, People's Commissar for Foreign and Military Affairs of the Hungarian Republic (1919), Bela Kun, who was repressed in 1938 by the government of I. V. Stalin. The film includes film materials from the USSR State Film Fund, the Hungarian Institute of Cinematography, the Hoover Department of Stanford University. Hungary. Territory of Northern Transylvania. Landscapes. Lele village. House where B. Kuhn was born. The city of Kolozhvar (Klun). Streets, buildings. Memorable places associated with the name of B. Kuhn City of Nagyvarad. Hotel "Black Eagle". City of Budapest (footage of the chronicle and modern filming). Chronicle footage of the period of the First World War. Photos illustrating the biography of B. Kuhn. Letters, documents. Newspaper articles in Russian and Hungarian. Chronicles of the period of the Civil War in Russia. Chronicle of the period of the November 1918 revolution in Germany. B. Kuhn speaks at a rally (chronicle, [Hungary 1919]). Celebration on May 1 in Hungary, in Budapest. 1919 V.I.Lenin, T. Samuely (Hungary) at the All-Learning Parade on May 25, 1919 on Red Square in Moscow. B. Kuhn speaks at the first congress of the peoples of the East in Baku (chronicle of the 1920s). Meeting of the train with Hungarian political emigrants in Moscow, 1922 B. Kuhn with his daughter Agnes at the parade in honor of the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution (Moscow, 1922), at the 6th Congress of the Comintern (Moscow, 1928), speaks at the 7th Congress of the Comintern (Moscow, 1935), (synchronously in German). Hungary. F. Munnich, K. Nemeth talk about B. Kuhn (synchronously in German). Opening of a memorial plaque dedicated to B. Kuhn. Y. Kadar present.
A. Zenyakin, V. Gabor, G. Vitezi
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world war i
, civil war
, revolutionary struggle
, state holidays
, political connections
, national liberation movement
, cities
, utilities
, international communist movement
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L. Ermolaev, R. Iozhef, I. Rak
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