Beloved City

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A film about the past and present of the city of Kadom in the Ryazan region. 1st part. Types of Kadoma. Streets, main square. Churches. Types of the Moksha River. Wooden bridge over the river. Buyers in the market. Passengers board the bus at the bus stop. The building and the sign of the "Bread" store. Kadoma airport. A passenger ship sails along the river. Cargo ship at the pier. Coat of arms of the city of Kadoma. Coats of arms of the cities of Kazan, Kalyazin, Kamenets-Podolsk and others. Coopers make barrels. Old photographs of the city of Kadoma and its sights. Local historian V.G. Milovanov talks about the history of the city (sinhr.). Pre-revolutionary newsreels: jubilee celebrations on the Borodino field in 1912; the priest sprinkles water on the procession participants; spinners in the shop at work on machine tools; peasants plow the land, sow, thresh grain; a provincial official with his wife leaves the house. 2nd part. Lacemakers in the shop at work. Lace samples. Samples of ready-made garments decorated with lace. The building of the church is destroyed. The merciful Bogorodsky monastery. Dilapidated monastery buildings. Bell tower. The priest gives an interview (sinhr.). Funeral procession in the city. Construction of a bridge over the Moksha river. Children sled down the mountain. Views of the city of Kadoma in winter and autumn. Spring. A gazebo for pilgrims near the spring. Cows in the meadow. Old photographs with views of the city of Kadoma. Local historian V.G. Milovanov talks about the history of the city (sinhr.)
D. Zubarev
Film ID
specialized trade
, urban transport
, woodworking industry
, wars of the 19th century
, river transport
, christianity
, textile industry
, everyday life
, livestock
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, plant growing
, light industry
Number of Parts
O. Fedorov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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