Berlin August 1961 Berlin Srpen 1961

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The film was dubbed at the Kiev Film Studio. Dovzhenko. A film about the Berlin Wall, which divided the city of Berlin into East Berlin (the capital of East Germany) and into West Berlin (a special political unit under the occupation regime of the USA, Great Britain, France). Germany. Berlin city. Brandenburg Gate. Sentries at the post at the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin Wall (stone wall with barbed wire). GDR sentries at the border wall. Streets and quarters blocked off by a wall. Border guards on both sides of the wall. Berlin West. English sector. French sector. American sector. Soldiers of the armed forces of Great Britain, France, USA. Police officers. The movement of road transport, including cars, pedestrians. Verification of documents. Foreign tourists on the streets of the city. The movement of tourist buses. The movement of electric trains. Berlin-Wannsee station. Broken and damaged wagons of electric trains owned by the GDR. The movement of vehicles and pedestrians along the streets of Friedrichstarsse, Kurfürstendamm. Shops, cafes on Kurfürstendamm. American military hospital. The building of the radio station "Rias". Town Hall. Askanskaya Square. Telefunken building. Cathedrals. Multi-storey buildings. Berlin East. Transport and pedestrian traffic. The traffic controller regulates traffic on the square. Engineers at work in one of the design bureaus. Children swim in the pool. Family on a country walk. Lake. Yachts on the lake. Vacationers on the beach. Destruction in some places of the boundary wall. Broken lanterns. Freeway connecting West Germany with West Berlin. Verification of documents. Control of military transport by Soviet troops. Brandenburg Gate. GDR flag over the Brandenburg Gate.
I. Papoušek
Film ID
urban transport
, standard of living
, automobile transport
, architecture
, mechanical engineering
, medical service
, trade
, police
, a family
, military communications
, leisure
, higher state bodies and institutions
, tourism
, landscapes
, broadcasting
, public leisure facilities
, territory
, armed forces
, utilities
, offenses
, border troops
, public catering
, political connections
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
Number of Parts
I. Shpata
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