Berlin Conference

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1h - Ruined Berlin. 2h - Meeting at the Berlin airfield of the delegations of the three allied powers: the USSR, the USA, Great Britain; among the arrivals: US Secretary of State D. Byrnes, British Prime Minister K. Atley, US President H. Truman, W. Churchill. Cars with members of the delegations on the way from the airfield to Potsdam. 3h - Views of Potsdam. 4h - Apartments intended for Soviet, American and British delegations. The palace in Cecilian Hof where the conference was held. Conference participants on the veranda of the palace. 5h - Participants of the conference of the 3 powers at the round table; among them: I. V. Stalin, V. M. Molotov, W. Churchill, G. Truman, D. Byrnes. 6h - Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 3 Powers. Meeting of military delegations of the USSR, USA, Great Britain. 7h - The leaders of the 3 allied powers: JV Stalin, G. Truman, W. Churchill talk on the veranda of Cecilian Hof. 8h - Arrival of British Prime Minister K. Atley and British Foreign Secretary Bevin in Berlin for the conference. The leaders of the 3 allied powers IV Stalin, G. Truman and K. Attlee at a round table. 9h - Departure of the delegations of the participants of the Berlin Conference. 10h - Palaces of Potsdam: Sanssouci, Frederick II. Potsdam parks. 11h - Inspection by members of the Soviet delegation of Berlin. Meeting of the leaders of the 3 allied powers at the Cecilian Hof Palace. JV Stalin, G. Truman, W. Churchill talk and take pictures on the veranda of the palace. 12h - Conference participants at the round table. 13h - Palaces and parks of Potsdam. Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the 3 Allied Powers.
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the second world war
, international state relations
, state figures
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