Berlin Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Four Powers

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Meeting of the ministers of the 4 powers - the USSR, the USA, England and France in Berlin in January-February 1954 1 hour. - Streets of East and West Berlin; flags, posters; arrival of Molotov. 2 hours - The building of the Soviet embassy, cars drive up and go out: Dulles, Eden, Bidault. 3 hours - Meeting room in the building of the former Control Council, delegations enter the hall, the meeting, at the table: Molotov, Dulles, Eden, Bidault. 4 hours - Cars stop at Treptower Park. VM Molotov, AA Gromyko, VS Semenov, GM Pushkin are passing through Treptow Park, laying a wreath at the monument to Soviet wars. 5 hours - VM Molotov, members of the Soviet delegation, D. Dulles, J. Bidault at the meeting. 6 hours - Dulles and his wife get off the plane; passes by the guard of honor, speaks. J. Bidault leaves the carriage, passes by the French guard of honor. Eden walks past the English guard of honor. 7 o'clock - In the conference hall, Eden talks to Feegle, Molotov talks to Feegle, Dulles sits down at the table. 8 h. Arrival of delegations, members of delegations take their places. 9 o'clock - Dulles' departure, speaking at the airfield in Cologne. Departure of Molotov from Berlin. 10 o'clock - O. Grotewohl in the group meeting at the airport. The Soviet delegation headed by Molotov passes through Treptow Park, sits down at the conference table.
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international state relations
, state figures
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P. Opryshko, A. Khavchin, G. Nikolaev
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