Between the North Pole and the Equator

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The film tells about the student production team in the secondary school No. 3 in Zelenokumsk. First part. Stavropol Territory, Zelenokumsk. Secondary school building number 3. Students enter the school, run up the stairs. Schoolchildren in class in algebra and history lessons. The student answers at the blackboard. The teacher at recess talks with the students and with the mother of one of the students. The guys draw geometric shapes in the lesson. The faces of schoolchildren. School Director Joseph Davydovich Sheizon speaks about the tasks facing the school, about student production teams (synchronously). Schoolchildren for a lesson in the classroom of the Training and Production Plant. A student weighs granulated sugar on a scale. Schoolgirls are typing in class in a typing lesson. Boys in the workshop are repairing a car. A group of high school students gets acquainted with agricultural machinery on the territory of the machine-tractor station. 1st Secretary of the Soviet District Committee of the CPSU Georgy Savelyevich Khurtaev in his office talking about agricultural work performed by student production teams (synchronously). Stavropol Territory. Student production brigade of secondary school No. 3 in Zelenokumsk at work in one of the farms of the Stavropol Territory: boys operate Niva combines harvesting buckwheat, work on tractors during field work; girls work on a farm and a pig farm. The guys are resting, eating watermelon during a break from work. The city of Zelenokumsk. View of one of the city districts. Single-storey and multi-storey residential buildings. View of the Kuma river in winter. Bridge over the Kuma river. Schoolchildren are walking across the bridge. Boys are playing snowballs. Students in the classroom; there is an inscription on the blackboard: “Holidays! Hooray!". A group of schoolchildren on an excursion near the church building. Fountain in the square. Portraits of K. Marx, V. I. Lenin and F. Engels on the facades of houses. The second part of. Stavropol region. Zelenokumsk. A schoolgirl washes the floor in the school hallway. Parents' meeting in the tenth grade. Parents speak out about the choice of professions for their children (synchronously). Director ID Shazon speaks about the importance of the work of schoolchildren on the farm (synchronously). Schoolchildren hang New Year's newspapers in the school corridor. Pupils of the 10th grade in the class talk about their future professions (synchronously). School building. First graders at the solemn assembly on September 1. The school brass band is playing. School Director I. D. Shazon speaks at the microphone. The faces of first graders and high school students. Senior pupils lead first graders to school. Tenth graders are photographed near the school building.
A. Dzobaev
Film ID
school education
, automobile transport
, architecture
, livestock
, landscapes
, rest for children
, cities
, plant growing
Number of Parts
S. Gusev
Other Creators
Scriptwriter G. Kotlyarenko, sound engineer R. Tuaev, editor V. Vlasenko, director of the picture V. Sabaev
Release Date
Has Sound

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