Beyond the Equator Between the Oceans

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Members of the Georgian Folk Dance Ensemble at a rehearsal; on tour in South America. Ecuador; members of the ensemble are at the equator. Quito city; streets with houses of Spanish architecture, Indians in national clothes. Ecuadorians are dancing "Dance of the Slaves". Chile, Santiago; monuments to national heroes. Speech by artists of the folk dance ensemble of Georgia. Acquaintance with the sights of the city, inspection of the exhibits of the National Museum, attendance at the beauty contest for the title "Miss Chile". Archaeological site in the province of Atacama. Items found during excavations. Mining of copper ore at the Chikikamata mine; there are trains with copper ore. Workshops of a copper production plant. Residents of a village in one of the southern provinces of Chile are engaged in household chores. Schoolchildren in the classroom. Fishermen on boats, longboats catch fish in the Pacific Ocean. Chilean poet P. Neruda in his study. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; high-rise buildings, beach, mansions of wealthy Brazilians. Quarters for the poor. Soccer game; moments of the game. The members of the ensemble talk with the football player Pele. Bullfighting. Duel of a bullfighter with a bull. The city of São Paulo; streets, city transport, bank building, monuments. Unemployed at the factory building. Brazil city. Reception of the ensemble members at the Congress Palace. The content of the film was transmitted on behalf of one of the members of the ensemble, who talks about the tour.
G. Asatiani
Film ID
, science
, national life
, mining industry
, school education
, cultural connections
, metallurgy
, fishing
, sports
, football
, archeology
, literature
, railway transport
, art
Number of Parts
G. Asatiani
Other Creators
Sound by A. Dzagania, text by V. Ilyinsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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