Big Changes

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Indian village. Women with children. Indian youth. B. Ansari at work in the field, with his family, rides a bicycle. Construction site in Bokaro. Soviet specialists and Indian workers at a construction site. Plant construction * top view). Radio station in Mogadishu (Somalia). Soviet and Somali specialists at the instruments. Elephants (removed from the plane). Kishimayo city. Juba meat processing plant. Soviet and Somali workers at the plant. Boxes of canned food. Somali village. Banana plantations. Wheat field. Combines in the field. A herd of camels. Loading animals on ships in the port of Berbera. School in Mogadishu. Soviet teacher among Somali students at a labor lesson. A color portrait of President Siad Barre, drawn by V.I.Vyalkin, is being printed. Somalis are learning written signs. B. Ansari works under the guidance of a Soviet master. Iraq. Fao Port. Tanker "Rumaila" unloading. Iraqi government meeting on June 1, 1972. People are watching television, listening to the radio. Speech by the President of Iraq A. Kh. Bakr. Demonstrations in the streets. Soviet and Iraqi specialists at the oil facility. Baghdad city. City square, monument. A textile mill in the city of Kuta. Agricultural machinery plant in Iskanderia. Construction of the Tartarus-Euphrates canal. Soviet construction specialists. Oil industry training center. Classes. Egypt. Helwan Metallurgical Combine. Hot rolling shop. Mine construction in Bahariya. A group of Soviet geologists VB Tsogogva, who discovered the Abu-Tartur phosphorite deposit. Aswan Dam. Arab and Soviet specialists at work. Shipyard in Alexandria. The ship "Ismailia". Iran. Persipolis. Tomb of King Cyrus. Shiraz city. Tomb of Hafiz. Isfahan plant. Interview with Iranian Prime Minister Hoveid (synchronously in a foreign language). Gas pipeline from the USSR to Iran. Agricultural work. Mosque. India. Streets of Delhi. Monuments of architecture. Bombay city. Unloading the Soviet ship "Nazym Hikmet". Odessa port. Unloading ships. India. Metallurgical plant in Bhilai. Heavy Machinery Plant in Hardwar. Leonid Brezhnev's visit to India in November 1973 signing of a peace treaty. Friendship and cooperation.
B. Rychkov
Film ID
, economic communications
, fuel industry
, food industry
, sea transport
, shipbuilding
, higher state bodies
, reclamation
, plant growing
, monuments of history and architecture
Number of Parts
L. Maximov
Other Creators
Scenario L. Oshanin, B. Rychkov
Release Date
Has Sound

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