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The second film from the series "Energy Strategy of the Party" tells about the development of the fuel and energy base of the USSR, about the problems and prospects of our energy sector and about dramatic problems in different periods of history. Filmed by order of the USSR State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. The film uses materials from the Central Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the USSR, the Central Museum of the USSR Revolution; film studios "Lennauchfilm" and "Kazakhfilm". PART ONE 80-year-old Ali Dadashev gets a bucket of oil from a family well, talks about the importance of oil in the lives of residents of Azerbaijani villages (sinhr., In Azeri), shows destroyed oil wells. Oil flows out of the pipe into the bucket and into the jar. The family of a hereditary oil worker meets a young woman with a newborn baby near the maternity hospital. Monument to the Conquerors of Samotlor in Nizhnevartovsk. The first Soviet production car AMO and other cars in the museum hall. Drilling foreman Vasily Nikitovich Melnikov recalls the first development of the West Siberian fields (sync.). F. Salmanov talks about oil development in the Tyumen region (sync.) Newsreels: 1910-1920s. (b / w, c / t): oilmen lift a man from an oil well; workers dig a trench, fortify the shore of an oil lake, work with shovels near an oil fountain. 1920-1930s. (b / w, c / t): leaders of the oil industry visit one of the oil fields; CM. Kirov in the car; backfilling of the Bibi-Heybat Bay for new oil fields; trolleys move along a narrow gauge railway in the oil field; engineer P.N. Pototsky in a group of oilmen; CM. Kirov talks with oilmen; oil rigs at sea; oil gusher; oilmen throw up a driller; S.M. Kirov speaks on the podium (sync.); an oil pumping chair works. 1950-1960s. (color, c / t): panorama of the West Siberian lowland; oil derrick; Forman Kurban oglu (Kurbanovich) Salmanov in his office examines the drawing together with a group of engineers. 1970s (color and b / w, c / t): oilmen are setting up an oil rig in a swamp; oil bursts out of the pipe, oilmen throw [F. Salmanov] near the first fountain of Tyumen oil; F. Salmanov, head of the Tyumen production and geological department N.G. Erview among oilmen. SECOND PART Oil and gas complex in Western Siberia. The plane is flying over the oil field. Oil pumps are working. Oil storage tanks on the territory of the oil storage facility. Oil rig in a swamp. Oil fountain at the drilling rig in the evening. Oil pipelines. Oil storage. One of the leaders of the production association "Nizhnevartovskneftegaz" V.O. Paliy, General Director of Nizhnevartovskneftegaz F.N. Marichev, Head of Drilling Operations V.S. Aliyev recalls the failure to fulfill the planned targets in 1982, when the oil production plan was unreasonably overstated (sinhr.). FN Marichev talks about the consequences of command and control in the oil industry (sync.) The doctor bypasses the patients in the boxes of the cardiology department; a nurse makes an injection to a patient in the ward. Newsreels: 1970s, b / w: rewarding oil workers at the rig; oilmen throw up a driller; banner with the inscription: “132000 liters. Get our Motherland our gift! ”1971-1976: a group of excursionists visits a drilling rig at Samotlor; driller foreman Gennady Levin among sightseers; drillers are signing autographs. THE THIRD PART The city of Nizhnevartovsk. General view of the city. Doctors-cardiologists talk about the hard work of oil workers (sync.). Oil workers at the local television studio during the filming of the program. A photographer in the pavilion photographs young parents with their son, an elderly woman with a granddaughter. Residents of Nizhnevartovsk on the square near the store. A man on the street talks about people who came to the city with one goal - to earn (sinhr.). Young people in the gym play volleyball, swim in the pool. V.S. Aliyev speaks of party adherence to principles (sinhr.). The son of V.S. Alieva - Igor says that he adheres to a principled position in the work (sinhr.). IN. Paliy talks about the reasons for leaving work (sync.). Young Khant family V. Sopochet in the village of oil and gas workers. A woman holds a baby in her arms. Oilman L. Kobzev talks about this family who came to the village to register their child (sinhr.). Airport in Tyumen. Oil workers who came to watch, answer the correspondent's questions at the airport (sync.). THE FOURTH PART Conversation with the oil worker, who came to watch, in the trade union committee (sinhr.). Oil pumps at work. IN. Paliy talks about an environmental disaster that occurred two years ago as a result of an accident at an oil and gas production pipeline, as a result of which a lot of oil got into the river. Vatinsky Yogan - the main fishing river for the Khanty and Mansi (sinhr.) V. Matches with his wife and child around the reindeer team in the village. Children and adults sled down the mountain. V. Mates smokes on the street. I. Aliev talks about his hometown of Neftevartovsk (sinhr.). I. Aliyev holds the child in his arms. I. Aliyev and his wife are dancing at the disco. Young people are dancing in a disco. Forest. Workers are working on the construction of a gas pipeline. Laying pipes on the route using a pipelayer. Welders are working. View of the construction site of the gas pipeline. Auction of new ideas in Nizhnevartovsk. Experts in the hall talk, examine the exhibits in the foyer. Secretary of the Tyumen Regional Committee of the CPSU V.V. Kitaev reads a critical article about his activities in the newspaper (sinhr.). Newsreel footage (color) 1969-1982: Brigadier of the forward brigade of drillers Viktor Kitaev at work; interview with V.V. Kitaev (sinhr.). FIFTH PART Engineer S. Altshuler talks about the tasks of the auction (sync.). Specialists in the lobby get acquainted with the exhibits of the exhibition. IN. Paliy says at the auction that the company buys the idea and offers the volume of its implementation at 50 wells (sync.). F.N. Marichev. Specialists are speaking (sync.) Construction site of the pipeline. Scientists oversee the installation of pipeline anchorage in permafrost conditions. Type of pipeline with anchorage. Installation of a traditional concrete weight on the pipeline. The bucket wheel excavator is working. View of a trench dug by a bucket wheel excavator. Welders are working on the installation of the pipeline. Automatic welding unit "Sever", created at the Kiev Institute named after Paton, at the construction site in operation. Brigadier of welders Boris Dedukh talks about the advantages of resistance welding (sync.) Oil rig, working rockers in the oil field. Torches are burning in the oil field. F.N. Marichev says that now there is a lot of room for the manifestation of their initiative (sinhr.). Kazakhstan, Atyru region, Tengiz oil and gas field. A herd of cows at an oil rig. Oil workers at work. Trucks on the site near the tower. Bulat Elamanov talks about the scale of the Tengiz oil field and the reasons for its slow development (sync.). Tornado. A flock of birds in the sky. An oil rig is on fire. A herd of horses is running. The fire. Burning pillar; in the foreground is the head of a camel. A herd of camels (NDP). Alexander Novikov talks about the 1949 drilling rig that poses a threat to the environment (sync.). Oil reservoirs near the drilling rig. Newsreels 1985-1986: fire at one of the drilling rigs of the Tengiz oil and gas field (different plans); firefighters in special suits put out the fire; a firefighter in a charred suit; the bird flies over the flame; firefighters in burnt suits; firefighter Vladimir Bondarenko takes off his suit (died in a fire). SIXTH PART Former chief engineer of the Balykshansk exploration drilling department of the Embaneft association Eduard Chekasov, who is serving a sentence for a fire at a drilling rig, speaks about himself (sinhr.). A.A. Novikov says that at present other methods of work are needed (sync.) The helicopter is flying over the oil rig. The robot shoots fire. The man looks through binoculars. The fire gradually disappears B. Alimanov, A.A. Novikov say that we ourselves need to manufacture equipment for the oil industry (sinhr.). Oil rigs, oil and gas enterprise of the Tengiz oil and gas field. The driller speaks on the intercom. Azerbaijan. The village of Oil Rocks in Baku. Oil fields at sea. General view of the city of Astrakhan; Astrakhan Kremlin, Cathedral. Dormition of the Virgin. Swamps in the old riverbed. Water lines. Cranes in the sky. Dead duck in the sand. Clubs of fire from a burning fountain. Oil lake at the site of the well. Newsreel footage of 1985-1986: firefighters approach a burning drilling rig; the excavator fills the fire with soil; firefighters move away from the hot drilling; firefighters extinguish the fire.
Igor Grigoriev
Film ID
public leisure and recreation facilities
, standard of living
, architecture
, livestock
, innovation
, a family
, consumer services
, medical services for the population
, natural disasters
, villages
, animal world
, energy (oil
, gas)
, pipeline transport
, invention
, ecological disasters
, trunk
, fire protection
, kpss
, awards
, peoples life
, a television
, christianity
, cities
, air transport
Number of Parts
Oleg Voinov, Mark Levenberg, Yuri Sosnitsky
Other Creators
scriptwriter B. Volov, text writer V. Kuznetsov, composer V. Kazenin, sound engineer I. Smirnov, editor N. Simonenko, editors Yu. Kochanovskaya, Z. Chepelkina, editor L. Minakova, music designer M. Braslavskaya, artists M. Artamonov, M. Morozova, the text was read by E. Lazarev, director of the picture E. Tutubalin
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