Billions for Millions

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A film about social security of citizens of the USSR and the work of trade unions. An ambulance is going by. A woman in labor is introduced to a maternity hospital, a newborn; children's dairy kitchen; a patronage nurse teaches a young mother how to care for a child. The doctor in the children's clinic is receiving children. Newsreel of the 20-30s. Queue for bread, bread ration. Devastation, poverty. Homeless children. The first orphanage. Peasant resort in the former royal palace in Livadia. Vacationers. Sanatoriums in Sochi. Black Sea coast. Beach. Railway station. Distribution of vouchers in factory committees, trade unions. Climbing camp. Climbers in the mountains. "Fisherman's House". Fishermen on the lake are fishing. Rest on the boat. Dancing on deck. Pioneer camp. Parents see their children off. The pioneers are on the bus, charging, at the festive table, celebrating birthday people, playing basketball. Children are engaged in a sports school. Figure skating group lessons. I. Rodnina, A. Ulanov are dancing. Forestry school. Schoolchildren in the classroom, in the treatment room. They sleep on the veranda. Evpatoria. Children's resort. Children take mud baths, ride carousels on the beach. Construction of a new building of the sanatorium. Hospital complex of the Likhachev automobile plant in Moscow. Institute of Surgery. Vishnevsky in Moscow. District polyclinic. Doctors on the plane. Disease prevention. Labor protection in factories, factories. Manufacturing of cars "Zaporozhets" for disabled people. Nursing home.
Ya. Babushkin
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medical services for the population
, out-of-school education
, figure skating
, school education
, automobile transport
, spa assistance
, river transport
, mountaineering
, homelessness
, social security
, sports children
, economic policy
, unions
, medical sciences
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