Blik in Di Welt №12

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Greece, Athens. Stay of the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany K. Adenauer in Athens: cars accompanied by motorcyclists pass along the city streets; Greek Prime Minister Tapagos meets K. Adenauer on the steps of the building; K. Adenauer lays a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, examines the architectural monuments of the city, accompanied by his daughter Lotte. General view of the city of Athens; the streets of the town; Royal Palace. A meeting dedicated to the memory of the German doctor, bacteriologist and biochemist, one of the founders of immunology and chemotherapy, P. Ehrlich; presentation of the P. Ehrlich Prize to the scientist. P. Ehrlich's grave; wreaths on the grave. The building of the research institute and laboratory named after P. Ehrlich. Researchers at work. Laboratory equipment. Canada. Fishing boat at sea. Whale in the sea. Fishermen are pulling a net with herring. Loading herring onto a barge. USSR, Moscow. View of the Moscow Kremlin in winter. Skiers are walking along the frozen Moskva River, an icebreaker is moving towards them. View of the smallest icebreaker that breaks ice up to 20 cm thick. Icebreaker on the way; icebreaker nose. Tibet. Construction of a highway in the mountains. China. Meeting of the Soviet Ambassador Yudin. Yudin presents his credentials to Mao Tse-tung. Australia, Melbourne. Queen Elizabeth of England and the Duke of Edinburgh drive along a city street in a car. People greet them along the way. Performance by schoolchildren-athletes at the stadium in honor of the arrival of the Queen of England. Germany, Frankfurt am Main. French actress Biche Mogo inspects the exhibits of the museum, leaves the museum, gets on a motorcycle. Butterfly masks on women's faces. Demonstration of models of men's clothing on a city street. Sweden. Competition of skiers at a distance of 90 km. Skiers at a distance. The winner of the competition. Germany. Ski competitions in Garmisch. A skier at a distance. Spectators. Alpine skiers at a distance. The winner of the competition.
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, fishing
, automobile transport
, international connections
, river transport
, skiing
, political connections
, entertainment
, diplomatic relations
, westgermany
, medicine
, biology
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