Blik in Di Welt №13

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Greece. The trip of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany K. Adenauer on the motor ship "Agamemnon" across the Aegean Sea; general view of the ship; K. Adenauer on board the ship; the inhabitants of the island greet A. Adenauer. K. Adenauer, his daughter Lotta visiting the sights of Greek cities. Turkey, Ankara. K. Adenauer lays a wreath at the monument in Ankara. Germany. Manufacturing of precision instruments for export at one of the instrument making enterprises; workers in the shop; precise scales made at the enterprise; weighing a thin sheet of paper on a scale; scale of scales. Workers use a machine to pollinate trees in the forest. General view of a pollinated forest area. (pollination accelerates the growth of trees and promotes the development of young growth). East Germany, Berlin. Demonstration of city residents protesting against various animal tests. Banner reading: "We are protesting against killing dogs." Dogs with black bows. France. The building was built by the French architect O. Perry. USA. General Mekafer is among the people who meet him on the day of his arrival. A group of photojournalists. Italy, Rome. Mountain climbers parade on the city street. Pope Pius XII greets the participants of the parade from the window of the building. Africa. National dances. Boat racing. Great Britain, g. London. Demonstration of models of women's clothing. Fashion designers inspect dress models. East Germany, Berlin. Ballroom dance teacher T. Ksovskaya conducts classes with her students. Mongolia. Competitions athletes in archery, wrestlers. Horseback riding competition. Long distance runners competition. International handball meeting between the teams of Germany and Sweden.
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, instrumentation
, cultural connections
, architecture
, fight
, water sports
, athletics
, horseback riding
, sea transport
, eastgermany
, forestry
, political connections
, christianity
, mountaineering
, westgermany
, media
, peoples life
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