Blik in Di Welt №15

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France. Laboratory of the atomic center in Shatlot. Researchers at work. Laboratory equipment. Traffic and pedestrian traffic on a city street. The artist at work in the studio. A woman weaves lace on bobbins. A man works at home at a miniature machine. Exhibition of works done by workers during their leisure hours. Visitors in the exhibition hall. Table lamp, sculptures, paintings and other exhibits of the exhibition. Germany. English Pilot School in Germany. Cadets in the classroom for theoretical and practical lessons. A cadet on the airfield at a single-engine training aircraft. Takeoff. Israel. The funeral of those killed on the Israeli-Jordanian border. Netherlands. The musician plays the organ, which simultaneously controls the fountains. Plot, Cannes. VII International Film Festival. View of the city. Festival participants on the seashore. D. Lolobrigida, L. Orlova, G. Alexandrov in the hall. Selected moments of the boxers' competition. A handball match between the teams of France and Germany. Fans. Great Britain. 100th traditional rowing competition in eights on the River Thames between the teams of the University of Oxford and Cambridge. Barrier races at the hippodrome. Horses overcome obstacles.
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military communications
, physics
, automobile transport
, cultural connections
, architecture
, water sports
, horseback riding
, music
, artistic activities
, decorative and applied art
, peoples life
, professional education
, westgermany
, air transport
, conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, painting
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