Blik in Di Welt №7

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East Germany, Berlin. The building of the Catholic Church. Mass in the church. Listeners of the Mass. French Foreign Minister J. Bidault during a mass in the church. East Germany, Berlin. Members of the Austrian delegation out of the building. Among them is Minister Schöner. East Germany, Potsdam. The building and individual rooms of the Sanssouci Palace. Visitors in the halls of the palace. GDR. View of one of the cities destroyed during the Second World War. New buildings of the city. Builders are working. Manufacturing workshops of the printing machine plant; workers assembling printing machines; the master shows the students a drawing of the machine. Schoolchildren are playing near the school building. Local residents ride bicycles along one of the streets of the city. Mountain winter landscape. The frozen river. The woman sprinkles sand on the path. Ice floes on the river. The ship makes a road through the ice. Explosion of ice on the river. Two men test a new sled boat, driving on ice and sailing on water. North Africa. Winter African landscape. A flock of sheep in a snow-covered pasture. The wrapped people go to church. Holland. Marathon speed skating along the frozen river and along the highway of the city street. [East Germany, Berlin]. A worker hangs up a lamp to warm the street. A man walks under a lamp, he is hot, he takes off his coat. A woman leaves the store in a summer dress. A street musician plays the accordion. Canada. Fire of car tires at a landfill. Firefighters extinguish the fire. Australia. Arrival of the English Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh on the ship "Gothic" to Australia. A crowd of people on a city street. Queen Elizabeth drives down the street in an open car. A huge portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh on the building. People greeting the queen along the way. USA. Automated kitchen. The woman presses the buttons, the kitchen cabinets open. Auto racing in Westphalia (FRG). International boxing meeting. European Speed Skating Championships in Davos (Switzerland); Andersen and O. Goncharenko at a distance; winner O. Goncharenko with a laurel wreath on a pedestal.
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school education
, architecture
, building
, international connections
, river transport
, christianity
, livestock
, sea transport
, automobile sport
, invention
, islam
, political connections
, mechanical engineering
, westgermany
, fire protection
, manufacturing of household appliances and machines
, eastgermany
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